Sleep Time Natural Fat Burner

Recover your natural sleep, sleeping like a baby, wake up refreshed and loose extra inches

“ Before taking it, I was always very hungry and slept very little. Now I sleep like a baby, I have energy all day long and I even lost weight. I'm super happy” - Nadia Perez


Poor sleep quality leads to multiple health problems and specifically weight gain.

Millions of people wonder why they do not lose weight and measurements, if they exercise often and eat well.

Many fall for misleading promises from advertisers and the media that offer magic recipes to lose weight fast, but don't get the results they expect.

What they don't know is that NOTHING will work for them if you don't sleep 7 to 8 hours at a time.

If you have trouble sleeping and have trouble losing weight, the problem is not you.

You just need to have the right help to relax and go to sleep.

Lack of sleep leads to:

Possible hormonal problems:

Stop wasting time with supplements that don't work and leave you with empty pockets.

If you sleep poorly, you should know our all-natural, safe and effective formula to solve your sleep problems at the root.

This is the solution


Fat Burner Nite Time

We blend the best of science and nature to bring you a supplement that helps you sleep so well that you wake up wanting to conquer the world, energetic and joyful, while fighting stress, and the cravings for sweets and processed foods that sabotage your progress.

What happens all day long?

Through the day

Regulates hunger and satiety hormones

Glucomannan and Inulin

These two fibers, Glucomannan and Inulin, have been shown to regulate hunger and satiety hormones.

So, you'll avoid huge cravings for carbs, sugar or fried foods during the day, and cravings for everything in the fridge at night.

Your brain will also let you know when you're full, preventing you from indulging in temptations like that second piece of cake or a king size bag of tortillas.

Calm sweet cravings and processed foods

5 HTP and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT)

If you get stressed you sleep poorly and if you sleep poorly you get stressed. To top it o, stress causes fat accumulation, especially in the lower abdomen.

NALT helps to better resist stress and control anxiety; while 5 HTP is a neurotransmitter that increases feelings of happiness and improves mood.

The best part is that none of it leaves a mental fog, but you will be 100% active, without feeling the nervousness you are used to. When you try it, many will ask you what do you do to look so good and smile so much?

Through the night

Relax you and make you sleep like a baby

Melatonin and L-theanine

This dynamic duo will have you falling asleep in bed. It contains Melatonin, a hormone that the body produces and tells you when it's time to go to bed.

Helps you fall asleep within minutes of putting your head on the pillow and regulates sleep patterns so you get 8 hours of sleep.

L-Theanine prevents you from spending long hours staring at the ceiling like a zombie, because it relaxes and turns off the chaos of negative thoughts after an exhausting day.

Mobilize and oxidize body fat

L-Carnitine Fumarate & White Willow Extract

How wonderful it would be to boost growth hormone (HGH) to burn more fat, right? Well, you can with L-carnitine, an amino acid that transports fat to be converted into energy in the ovens of factories in the body called mitochondria.

This process is called beta-oxidation and science has discovered that it is possible to accelerate it with white willow bark extract, a medicinal tree used since Ancient Greece.

You could burn fat in your sleep, without starvation diets or strenuous exercise routines.

Our Sleep Time Fat Burner can help you live a more active, healthy and fit life.

Without using harmful weight loss supplement!

"For me the best product is Fat Burner. It has helped me with stress, combined with the stack I have been able to loose extra weight"

With 1 or 2 capsules before going to bed, you will live happier, with full energy, and you will look and feel better

Within 60 days, you will start feeling refreshed & energetic in the morning and reach very close to your ideal weight.

if you are not happy and satisfied, email us, and , we'll refund 100% of your money. No question asked

*It will be more effective if you combine it with good habits.

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“I am a fan of the #fatburner mainly for the fact that it makes you fall into deep sleep in such a restful way that the next day your batteries are at 1000%.”

Vanessa Smith


“I am so happy with Fat Burner. Before using it, I suffered from constipation and slept only 6 hours. Now, I finally feel like I rest because I get 8 hours of uninterrupted, pleasant sleep.”

Laura Cifuentes


“I use FatBurner, it helps me sleep and I don’t feel anxious about stopping to eat and I wake up with a lot of energy. With Fat Burner I fall into bed exhausted until the next day.”

Karen Stockhausen


“I felt like I slept like never before, my body needed it and I only took half a dose. When I took the full dose, I fell into bed and didn’t wake up until the next day. For me it’s a wonder 🤩.”

Cecilia Morales



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