Tips for eating on the street and not breaking the diet

Consejos para comer en la calle y no romper la dieta

Many people just stop enjoying going out to restaurants with their family or friends because they think it will harm their healthy progress, but what they don't know is that there IS the possibility of eating on the street and not breaking the diet .

But what to eat on a diet?

Most of them think that when they begin to have a new healthy lifestyle, they should deprive themselves of enjoying the most special moments of their lives because they are afraid of sabotaging their own fitness purpose.

The excuses to go out to eat and not break the diet will be left behind after you read this article.

Have you found yourself in this situation?

You have just started your new healthy lifestyle. You meditate as soon as you open your eyes, you train every morning and your meals are increasingly organized and colorful. You think about what to eat on a diet. And, for the first time, you feel that you will be able to maintain your goal over time, because you are focused and nothing and no one can stop you.

Until one day your best friend comes to your city and calls you to invite you to eat at the restaurant where you used to go as girls. But in your head only the idea resonates: What am I going to eat, if there is no healthy menu in that restaurant? And at that moment you start to come up with the perfect excuse not to go, even though what you want most is to see your friend.

In order not to stand her up, because you appreciate the effort she has made, you agree to go to that burger joint that brings back so many tasty memories. Although along the way, you just think about what you could eat to avoid temptations full of fat and calories... In the end, you don't know what to do and you end up eating a hamburger.

This situation has happened to almost all of us at some point, but that could change from now on, because it has been shown that you can go out to a restaurant and not break your diet.

Tips for eating on the street and not breaking the diet

When you go out to eat at your favorite restaurants the probability of getting a healthy dish is quite difficult. According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge , more than 90% of main dishes sold in restaurants are excessive in calories, sodium, and saturated fat.

But don't worry, with these tips you'll be able to keep your good habits eating out and best of all, while enjoying every bite.

Before leaving

Choose the category of the restaurant

This is an excellent trick to enjoy food and not break your diet, it will save you from falling into fast food restaurants.

The idea is to select before leaving the type of food that provokes you and investigate how "healthy" it is. This way it will be easier for you to choose.

For example:

Take a look at the menu before

This will help you to be more aware of which dish to choose. This way you will already be ahead of the others and you will avoid feeling all the threatening looks from your family and friends because you still have not decided what to eat.

Now it's much easier to choose because most restaurants have the menu on their websites, so don't worry.

Eat a serving of fruit before going to eat

Eat a serving of fruit before going to eat

Some strawberries, an apple or a pear are a good alternative to eat before going out.

Because when your stomach screams for something to eat, your brain only thinks of filling that calorie deficit with some food. And if you are in a restaurant you will not be able to hold it and you will order the biggest meal of all.

Plus, the natural sugar in fruits will keep your glucose levels stabilized, allowing you to avoid overeating and giving you time to select the right dish.

during your departure

Choose simple dishes

Now the challenge begins!

When you arrive at the restaurant and they give you the menu, always look at the dishes that contain few ingredients, because as long as they have fewer ingredients, they almost do not require preparation.

And although it seems obvious, all the dishes that have more ingredients and a higher degree of difficulty are almost always the UNhealthy ones.

Eat what provokes you, but always try to choose options with few combinations, for example:

2.- Define your accompaniments well

A great strategy that many already apply every time they go out to eat on the street, is to choose the healthiest garnishes that the restaurant has available.

Generally, this option is taken when there is no escape from caloric and greasy dishes.

For example:

This is a simple way to eat on the street and not break the diet.

share your dishes

This is an idea that will not only save you a little money, but a few pounds as well. You don't always have to eat everything, you can share part of your plate with those who accompany you at the table.

Or if not, you can ask to take it with you, so you won't have to cook the next day. In addition, sharing will always make the outing much more enjoyable and fun.

Select the correct drink

The best option you have to drink is water.

Try to avoid alcohol consumption, although if the occasion warrants it to celebrate an achievement, do not limit yourself. You can, but don't go overboard with more than one glass of wine or one glass of beer (and if you can, drink 2 glasses of water first).

Are you one of those who does not drink alcohol? Be careful with sugar-laden sodas and juices. Preferably ask for sparkling water, you will have a bubbly and refreshing sensation.

Remember that alcoholic and sugary drinks harm your health and sabotage your healthy lifestyle.

divide your dessert

The idea is not to limit yourself to food, but to learn to eat it. Generally, few can resist this last part of the meal: the long-awaited dessert.

If they bring you a chocolate volcano you can eat it, but only a small portion. Share the rest with those who accompany you at the table, so that you are not tempted to try it again.

Another method that you can apply, if you are strong, is to skip it. Without a doubt, if you can resist dessert, you will be able to eat on the street and not break your diet.

After eating

If you couldn't balance food and drinks on your way out, don't give way to regrets. The important thing is that it does not always happen and that you are aware that there are aspects in which to improve.

For example, if you skipped your eating regimen at lunch with your coworkers, it doesn't mean you should cut out dinner. And unless you practice intermittent fasting, you better prepare some healthier dish.

And for nothing in the world allow yourself to sabotage yourself with thoughts like : "If I already ate the hamburger for lunch, why am I going to eat healthy... I will continue eating badly throughout the day, tomorrow I start again."

These kinds of ideas are the first to derail you from your healthy path, so don't let them get into your head.

Eating on the street and not breaking the diet is possible, you just have to learn to create a balance between your goal fit and your social life. Keep in mind that you do not have to stop enjoying any moment of your life by restricting yourself to following an eating plan.

If you follow each of these key tips, you'll know what to do before, during, and after eating out. And if you take it seriously, you can gradually include it in your healthy lifestyle. Did you follow some of these tips to eat on the street and not break the diet? tell us.

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