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Do you want lean and attractive muscles, but are you too tired to train? Do you need a push to get you out of a rut? Our Monohydrated Creatine - Creatine is a healthy and safe supplement to recharge your energy, excel in each workout and recover quickly to go for more.

-Creatine raises your strength and power, allowing you to push your limits by increasing the number of repetitions, lifting heavier loads, running faster, and training with higher intensity consistently.

-Significantly reduces post-workout pain and fatigue, regardless of the intensity of your routines, giving you a faster and more efficient recovery.

-Another advantage of Creatine , our Creatine Monohydrate , is that it helps you actively combat the loss of muscle mass associated with aging (sarcopenia), preserving your vitality and strength as the years go by, allowing you to maintain a slim and physique. healthy in the long term.

-In addition to its physical benefits, it also promotes brain and cardiovascular health, providing comprehensive support for your overall well-being.


Frequent questions


What is better to consume creatine or protein?

Both creatine and protein are effective health supplements, but they perform different functions in the body, so their benefits are different.

On the one hand, protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, and plays a crucial role in protein synthesis, while creatine is used as a supplement to improve physical performance, increase strength and power.

Ultimately, the choice to consume one or the other depends on your individual goals and needs.

What is the correct way to take creatine?

To get all the benefits of Creatine, our creatine monohydrate, it's important to incorporate it into your daily routine, even on days when you don't exercise. Your cells need to receive this powerful substance to take full advantage of its properties.

Numerous studies support the effectiveness of taking it after physical exercise, but if this is not feasible for you, you can consume it at any time of the day. The important thing is to make sure you include it in your daily regimen.

What are the benefits of creatine monohydrate for sports performance?

One of the main benefits of creatine is its ability to increase rapid energy production in muscles, allowing for improvements in strength and power. In addition, it promotes cellular hydration, helping to maintain fluid balance in the muscles and preventing fatigue. Creatine monohydrate has also been shown to contribute to regeneration after intense exercise, which may result in reduced recovery time between training sessions.

What happens if I take creatine and don't exercise?

There are studies that support the use of creatine monohydrate to stimulate the brain and combat mental fatigue, even without physical activity. In addition, other benefits associated with its consumption have been discovered, such as the following:

-Fight depression. Since the brain requires a large amount of energy, a lack of it can lead to negative thoughts. Creatine monohydrate increases available energy, which can improve mood.

-It is beneficial for the heart. By strengthening muscles in general, including the heart, creatine helps improve its functioning. Additionally, it helps reduce triglyceride levels and improves insulin sensitivity.

-Improves memory. Creatine monohydrate has been proven to have positive effects on memory and mood, especially in sleep-deprived people.