Safflower conjugated linoleic acid


  • Helps remove stubborn fat
  • Reduces the buildup of new fat deposits
  • Protects muscle mass
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There are areas of the body where fat accumulates and does not disappear with extreme diets or by spending hours in the gym.

Many exaggerate their attempts to overcome it. They eat almost crumbs and increase their training hours, but instead of fat they lose muscle, causing flaccidity and a lot of frustration.

Others become discouraged until they give up their dreams of achieving a lean, firm body.

And more and more people spend fortunes on bariatric surgeries, injections or painful aesthetic treatments to get rid of the love handles, but soon after they return to their nightmare of accumulating fat.

If you identify with any of these situations, you may wonder why it is so difficult to eliminate fat in problem areas.

The answer lies in the fat oxidation process:

Body fat is oxidized in 3 steps


The body breaks down fat from the body to convert it into energy.


Fat travels through the blood into the mitochondria where it is converted into an energy-carrying molecule (ATP)


ATP provides energy to all cells for the body to function at 100%

In the end, fatty acids become smaller and body fat is reduced

Sometimes, the body is unable to initiate the process because it finds it difficult to remove fat deposits for various reasons:

As we age, it becomes more difficult to mobilize fat.

Excessive consumption of saturated and trans fats.

High insulin, due to bad eating habits.

Hormonal problems caused by poor sleep and stress.

But there is excellent news...

What can help you stop battling with the mirror because you don't like what you see is our all-natural and effective supplement. It will make it easier for you to say goodbye to the fat deposits that sour your life, without losing muscle mass in the process.




Our solution is not a complex formula

It's a single ingredient: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), the fat-burning, muscle-toning supplement with the most scientific studies to back it up.

Our CLA Fit comes from the safflower plant, which flourishes in the fields of India. But it became popular around the world because it beats other supplements that promise similar results by knockout.

Don't be fooled by other types of cheap CLA, based on soy, flaxseed or sunflower, because they are not effective.

And BEWARE: many use rancid or contaminated oils

The most complete blend of ingredients to take care of the liver function

CLA Fit fights fat and flaccidity in four ways

It mobilizes the fat accumulated in the problem areas to burn it.

When we run or lift weights in the gym, the body moves a certain amount of fat into the cells to burn.

But when we add CLA Fit to our healthy habits, the amount of fat eliminated multiplies.

And if we go a day without training, we don't have to stop eating to lose calories. CLA Fit will keep working, while we do our routine activities or rest.

Prevents fat deposits from building up again.

The fear of regaining the pounds you lost can be as great or greater than Freddy Krueguer chasing you.

With CLA Fit you can sleep easy because it has a superpower that other supplements do not have to lose measurements and pounds.

It helps prevent fat deposits from re-forming and eventually settling in problem areas.

Keeps mobilized fat deposits from building up again

Can you imagine having defeated stubborn fat with a lot of effort and, almost without realizing it, it's back on your body? It's a total frustration.

The good news is that one specialty of safflower oil is preventing fat deposits from building up again.

It limits the activity of enzymes that promote the accumulation of fat that ends up settling, especially in the belly, thighs, buttocks or hips.

Prevents loss of muscle mass when following low-calorie diets

Many people abuse low-calorie diets because summer is near and they want to see results in record time, or they have a party soon and want their outfit to look perfect from one day to the next.

The downside of eating this way is that while fat stagnates, muscle is lost.

CLA Fit is effective in facilitating a healthy body composition, i.e., keeping muscles lean and toned, without accumulating extra fat.

Provides the 3 grams per day of CLA needed to see real results.

Imagine spending a whole day, eating 20 steaks of 270 calories for CLA to be effective? Pfff!

Assuming they fit in your stomach, would you have the time or desire left to work, have fun and exercise?

CLA Fit makes it easy. Just three capsules a day will give you the dose that will help you mobilize fat and take care of your muscles.

"Before trying CLA Fit capsules, I had difficulty losing weight and maintaining a dietary regimen, because of constant cravings for sweets between meals. I felt uncomfortable, because I have always been slim and for some time I have accumulated fat that was difficult to eliminate. Since I started taking CLA Fit and combined it with good nutrition and exercise, I have lost a lot of weight and measurements."

Jeluhet Houtman


With 1 capsule of CLA Fit after each meal you will achieve

Within 60 days, you will start feeling refreshed & energetic in the morning and reach very close to your ideal weight.

if you are not happy and satisfied, email us, and , we'll refund 100% of your money. No question asked

*It will be more effective if you combine it with good habits.

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One of the best supplements I have ever taken in my life, I can truly attest to that.

Nesber Chaló


I am using the Detox and it is really excellent! I Love It.

Maitee Forgione


“ I am thankful I found the Detox. I started taking it about a week ago and I feel so good, it has helped me eliminate many toxins from my body.

Diandra Yin



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