What everyone should know about BCAAs

lo que todos deberian saber sobre BCAA
  • Valine.
  • leucine.
  • Isoleucine.

They are three very powerful amino acids, always ready to give you a lot of energy.

Together we know them as BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids, which are involved in this process of muscle gain, since they will help you take care of your most precious treasure, which is your muscle mass.


BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids are the most popular supplements in the field of sports nutrition and bodybuilding. Because? Good because they are directly related to the process of gaining muscle mass.

BCAAs differ from other amino acids, because their metabolism is purely muscular, that is, their metabolism is not hepatic and when this happens they will provide your muscles with much faster energy.

But what happens when you train?

If you don't offer your muscles the fuel they need, your own body will attack muscle tissue to use those proteins for energy.

What is the fuel used by the muscle?

You can use as much as carbohydrates, lipids, or fats. Now when you supplement with BCAAs, the fuel levels in your muscle tissue will peak and therefore your muscle will work efficiently using either fats or carbohydrates.

What happens when you supplement with BCAAs and you are training?

  • You will stimulate the production of growth hormone.
  • Your testosterone levels will increase.
  • You will decrease the production of cortisol.
  • You will enter an anabolic state.
  • You will favor the synthesis of muscle proteins.
  • You will reduce muscle fatigue during training.
  • You will decrease the levels of body fat.

On the other hand, you have in your muscle energy reserve carbohydrate that is glycogen, which is nothing more than glucose, which when you exercise is oxidized and used as fuel.

What happens to Glycogen when I supplement with BCAAs?

This glycogen or reserve carbohydrate will perform more, making your workouts much more efficient.

What is my final recommendation?

If you are training and want to see fabulous results, you should combine a diet high in proteins of high biological value such as: chicken, meat, eggs and fish and also supplement with BCAAs.

To achieve them, I recommend the Fit&Strong protein that contains 5 grams of BCAAs so that you train better and recover faster.

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