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Maria A.

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"I stopped having a hard time in the toilet. I release my gut without so much effort."

Gabriela M.

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"I love it because it leaves the belly flat and I go to the bathroom every day, without fail."

Joannaly P

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"Other laxatives irritated me and made my stomach burn. This one is soft and natural."

Yolanda G.

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No more stormy bathroom visits, heavy digestions, bloating and stomach upsets.

[strong]Happy Poo[/strong] cleanses your colon and restores the balance of your digestive system so that it works optimally and you achieve greater well-being in your day to day.

It contains a powerful probiotic to improve digestive health, in addition to a fiber that facilitates the transit of the intestines. No suppositories, aggressive laxatives or enemas that harm your microbiota.

100% natural

Stimulant Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

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