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Did you know that the balance of electrolytes in your body is essential to maintain optimal hydration? This mineral, like sodium, potassium and magnesium, are responsible for keeping your body in perfect harmony. And when you become dehydrated, your energy and concentration levels decrease, leaving you feeling tired and exhausted.

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When is it recommended to take electrolytes?

Electrolytes are recommended in several situations, especially when the body experiences imbalances in mineral levels. However, we advise you to go to a health or nutrition expert to tell you how and when you should consume them.


How good is it to take oral electrolytes?

Taking this supplement can be beneficial in maintaining balance and proper function of the body. Electrolytes play a vital role in nerve signal transmission, water balance, muscle contraction, and other important functions.

However, keep in mind that they should not be considered a miracle solution or a replacement for a balanced diet.

What are oral electrolytes?

Oral electrolytes generally include a combination of the following minerals:

Sodium: Helps regulate fluid balance in the body and is essential for cellular function.

Potassium: Plays an important role in muscle function, nerve transmission and fluid balance.

Magnesium: Contributes to the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, as well as the maintenance of strong bones.

Calcium: It is necessary for bone health, muscle function and blood clotting.

Zinc: Participates in numerous cellular functions, including the immune system.

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