Woman: Weight training won't make you look like a man

Mujer: entrenar con pesas no te hará lucir como hombre

Many women avoid weight training because they think that including it in their routines will make them look like Johnny Bravo or the Hulk.

The truth is almost impossible for a girl to become muscular just by doing some strength exercises, since to have the body of a bodybuilder, you need a strict diet, spend 5 to 7 days and long hours in the gym, many restrictions and more.

If you want to know why training with weights will not make you look like the superheroes in the movies, I invite you to continue reading this article and discover why.

Perhaps you have ever heard this mythical phrase: "if you are going to train with weights you will become masculine"

This saying became popular because it is much easier for men to gain muscle mass just by lifting a few kilos in the gym. That's why, when a woman goes to train with weights, they always tell her not to do it so often because she's going to get full of munchies.

But this is NOT so.

Women and men have an anabolic hormone called testosterone and it is in charge, along with others, of enhancing muscle mass.

Men have a greater amount of this hormone. Therefore, your muscles increase in size faster just by lifting a pair of dumbbells.

However, this is not the case in women , because testosterone levels are extremely low, see:

Perhaps you have ever heard this mythical phrase: "if you are going to train with weights you will become masculine"

So stay calm. If you are going to train with weights, be sure that you will not look like a man with a broad back and thick arms.

But beware, this does not mean that it will cost you God and his help to gain muscle mass.

By training with weights you will be able to gain more muscle mass, your metabolism will be accelerated and you will burn more calories, making it easier for you to eliminate body fat.

And not to mention how good you are going to feel when your figure looks firmer and more toned.

In addition, doing strength exercises will allow you to develop a good base for your body, since you will be strengthened .

Just look at this fact: according to a study by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (USA), lifting weights helps especially in women to improve bone density.

So when you go to train with weights, think about all the benefits it will bring to your physique and your health in general.

Tips to increase your muscle mass

If you are one of those who are going to start training with weights or are already doing so, check out these recommendations that will help you achieve optimal results.

    1. Decide on a target number of repetitions: to stimulate the growth of muscle mass requires training with weights. Depending on the type of training you do, the repetitions can go from 6 to 20 repetitions. Just start small and then gradually build up.
    2. Choose an amount of weight you can lift: The general recommendation is to lift a weight that challenges you so that by the time you get to the last rep you feel like you can't take it anymore. Be careful, this does not mean that you should grab the largest dumbbell in the GYM, it is better to take one with which you are comfortable doing several repetitions and gradually increase the weight in the following weeks.
    3. Structure your exercise routine well so you don't over-train: perform various exercises, but not all with the same weight, nor on the same day.
    4. Consume more protein: when you train with weights you "break down your muscles" and to "build" them again,protein is your best ally. If it's a tough workout, you'll need more protein to better build your muscle mass. In our post "How much protein do I need per day in my diet" you will know the amount of this ideal macronutrient for this type of activity.
  1. Focus on calorie surpluses, not deficits: To build muscle mass most effectively and quickly, you must consume more calories than you burn each day. Aim to eat about 250-500 extra calories per day to ensure that any weight gain is coming from your muscles and not from accumulating body fat.
  2. Get more sleep: At least 8 hours of deep sleep is needed for your body to recover. When you get a full night's sleep, your body releases human growth hormone (which helps build muscle) and keeps cortisol ( the stress hormone ) levels in check.
  3. Supplement yourself with creatine: this supplement does NOT directly help you increase your muscle mass, but it does give you extra energy and improves performance in your workouts. If you want to push new limits in your exercise routines, you should tryCreatine from Evolution Advance.

Remember that to gain muscle mass a lot of discipline, effort, dedication, a good exercise routine and a good eating plan are required.

And to see results faster, you can help yourself with some supplements.

If you want to show off a firm, sexy, toned and healthy body, training with weights is a good contribution. But if you're not much for grabbing bars or using weight machines, in this article we have a solution for you:

“Learn ways to exercise to tone up, if weights aren't your thing.”

Have you already started training with weights? tell us.

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