Why is Whey Protein or Whey Protein the Queen of all Proteins?

¿Por qué la Proteína de Suero de Leche o Whey Protein es la Reina de todas las Proteínas?

Today, I think all of us, whether or not we do any physical activity, have heard of the famous protein shakes: whey protein whey .

But how many of us really know what whey protein is and why it is the queen of all proteins?

In this video I'm going to talk about that. Well, the first thing we have to know is that milk is a highly nutritious food due to its high protein content. Milk has three types of protein:

• Caseins (very abundant).

Whey protein whey .

• Minor proteins.

During the production process of some types of cheese, either by an enzymatic process or by lowering the pH, a clot forms.

Casein-type proteins are precipitated in this clot. Now, the milk whey proteins do not precipitate inside that clot because they are more soluble, they remain as in the "little water". The "agüita" that we know as whey.

High biological value proteins

So that you understand what high biological value proteins are, I ask you to imagine a necklace made up of many pieces of many colors. In this case, the complete necklace is what we call protein and each piece that makes up the necklace we call amino acids.

The more colors of pieces the collar has, the higher the protein value. When I tell you that whey protein is a protein of high biological value, it is because it contains all the types of amino acids that we need.

The importance of amino acids

Our body needs 20 amino acids to assemble proteins. But it does not produce them in the quantities necessary to develop all those functions of our body.

In fact there are eight that are called essential amino acids that our body does not produce in the necessary quantities.

And where do we get them then? In foods we know as sources of protein.

When a protein contains the 8 essential amino acids in the amounts that our body needs, that protein is called “high biological value”. Well, whey protein is a protein of high biological value.

is soluble

Therefore, it is easily digested, raising the levels of amino acids in the blood quickly, making them perform their functions effectively in the body. It is also important that they know that it is not a matter of fashion, but that some years ago, due to some lack of knowledge on the subject, whey was a waste product in the dairy industry, or cheese production. .

But today, thanks to all the advances in science and research , whey is considered an ingredient capable of playing a fundamental role in areas of health as diverse as helping intestinal motility and integrity, keeping state the immune system, improve cardiorespiratory performance, and improve sports performance.

It is associated with faster tissue regeneration after surgery, after disease, infection, inflammation. So... As you will see, there are very serious reasons to consider that Whey Protein is the queen of all proteins.

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