Everything you dreamed of in a muscle mass gainer

Todo lo que soñaste con un ganador de masa muscular

There are many weight-gaining products on the market, and yes, it's true, a weight-gainer is a high-calorie shake.

But have you ever wondered where those large amount of calories come from? Because it is useless for us to gain weight, eating a large amount of calories that are not really healthy, and that most of these are just sugar.

Because then it would be the same to eat as many trifles, hamburgers and pizzas as come our way, and that's not what it's about. A person who wants to gain weight must do it with quality, they must do it in the healthiest way possible.

That's why in this video I'm going to talk about the ideal mass gainer to grow in a healthy way. Imagine that parallel to the weight gain, we also began to increase our cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid. Would this be healthy?

Looking good is important, but feeling good is even more important.

And we must not fall into that that the remedy is worse than the disease.

When we are in a phase of weight gain, our body needs many more calories , and these calories must mostly come from carbohydrates, but to metabolize that amount of carbohydrates and gain muscle efficiently, we also need to cover our energy requirements. micronutrients, i.e. vitamins and minerals.

In fact, during phase we need even more vitamins and minerals; otherwise, the muscle will not grow nor, our metabolism will work efficiently. So, will consuming large amounts of calories from macronutrients such as carbohydrates do us any good, without ingesting enough micronutrients? It won't do us any good.

If you are in a weight gain phase and you want to supplement yourself, you need to choose a supplement that provides you with what you need and that in turn provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to meet your weight gain requirements.

This exists? Yes and it's called Fit&Strong

Fit & Strong is not a protein supplement like any other on the market.

It is an optimized protein with a high concentration of amino acids, low in sugar, fat and calories, which helps you complete more intense workouts and achieve the body you want in less time.

Enjoy a rich and creamy vanilla ice cream or chocolate milkshake, and you'll immediately get 25 grams of high biological value protein with multiple benefits.

This is what Fit&Strong can do for you

✓ Avoid the loss of muscle mass that comes with age, because it is loaded with essential amino acids (EAA's) and branched chain (BCAA's) that are necessary for building muscles.

✓ Stay full for several hours so you don't overeat and avoid extra calories.

Level your blood sugar so you don't crave sweets and processed carbohydrates that can sabotage your goal.

✓ Have strength and energy to load more weight, increase repetitions and recover faster from your workouts thanks to its 5.4 gr of BCAA's per service.

Strengthen your immune system to prevent flu, infections and viruses that leave you out of service and unable to train.

✓ Prepare delicious hot, cold and sweet recipes with which you can sin without remorse.

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