How to be a healthy executive and stay in shape, even when you are very busy

Cómo ser una ejecutiva saludable y mantenerte en forma, aunque estés muy ocupada

You want to change your body and be a healthy executive, but your schedule is tighter than the way your pants fit.

So you ask yourself, can I do it while fulfilling the role of mother-wife-worker?

Feeling like this is a global trend. So much so that there is scientific evidence that millions of women have habits that affect their quality of life and promote chronic diseases.

I assure you that with discipline, organization and the information that I am going to give you, you will know how to be healthy, you will achieve great advances and you will look more splendid than ever.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle

Every goal requires commitment, how to be healthy is one of them . And to commit 100% to yours, despite your multiple occupations, it is important that you know what a healthy lifestyle is.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of infirmity or disease”. It is considered the basis of quality of life.

In practice, they are the actions and attitudes that you must carry out to keep your body and mind in good condition.

It has to do with your consumption patterns: food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, development or not of physical activity, occupational risk, among others.

These can be considered risk or protective factors for both diseases that are transmitted and those that are not (diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, etc.)

Your habits are also related to your quality of life in the following aspects:

  • Satisfaction in your daily activities.
  • Satisfaction of your needs.
  • Achievement of goals in your life.
  • Self-image and attitude towards life.
  • Participation of personal and socio-environmental factors.

Emotions and affections provide you with well-being or not

Positive emotions promote enjoyment, gratification, and further development of creativity and spontaneity. They also increase satisfaction, commitment and help tone the virtues to be happier.

Well-being and happiness are an inseparable couple. The more well-being increases, the positive attitude grows in the same proportion.

Emotions and affections relate to you or not well-being

10 + 1 keys that you must implement daily to be a healthy executive

Along with emotional balance, harvesting habits that promote your health and impact the proper functioning of your body is vital for your general well-being.

Staying healthy, vital, filling yourself with energy and having a splendid figure helps you to have a fuller life.

For this reason, I am going to mention 10 keys for you to advance on that path and how to incorporate them into your daily hustle and bustle. Everyone will admire you for being a healthy executive if you do it.

Succeeding in its implementation will require physical and mental effort. But don't worry, they will decrease as you re-educate yourself and see the first results.

1. Get up early

Wake up early

Getting out of bed first thing in the morning is hard, but invaluable.

First, because you will be able to take advantage of the hours in which your body has more energy. In addition, you will have an extra endorphin that will make you more productive.

You will be able to organize yourself better and avoid distractions from third parties. While you go about your morning activities, many still haven't gotten off the pillow.

You will have the chance to go fulfilling tasks, without rush. And above all, you are going to enjoy them: an energizing bath, a rich breakfast, a few minutes of meditation or a full exercise routine.

The best? Your metabolism will work faster and your figure will benefit.

With a start like this, you will go to work loaded with good vibes.

2. Body maintenance

body maintenance

Taking care of your personal hygiene is not only essential. It also makes you feel more confident and projects the impeccable image of a healthy executive.

Bathing daily, brushing teeth after each meal, washing hands frequently, and keeping nails well-groomed.

Even perfuming yourself with an aroma that you like and does not bother others can generate changes in your mood.

Remember that if you look good, you feel good.

3. Physical activity

Physical activity

We all know that physical activity helps prevent many diseases, overweight, obesity and transforms our figure.

But despite knowing it, many do not practice it because they say they do not have time.

A full schedule is the perfect excuse to get your body out of the exercise, but there are steps you can take to get started, without becoming a mess. Make the decision and do it.

  • Step 1: Go at your own pace

Choose a discipline that you like and that resembles you so that you don't falter.

You could start with a 10-minute walk to get conditioned to the movement. It will also relieve you of accumulated emotional burdens of the day.

I assure you that in a few weeks you will be encouraged to do it "a few more minutes".

When you reach 30 minutes, several times a week, your oxygenation and circulation will improve; In addition, your muscles will begin to strengthen.

  • Step 2: choose the right time

If you have a flexible work schedule, set yourself a specific time and stick to it.

In the case of fixed working hours, what time of day is best for you.

  • In the morning it will leave you with enough energy to complete all your tasks. You will be more focused and you will avoid commitments arising during the day that make you postpone it.
  • In the afternoon-night you will be relaxed and you will go to sleep more peacefully. Try not to do it too late or too intensely because it can affect your sleep.
  • Step 3 – Pick a spot that won't sidetrack you

Near your office or your home is ideal because you will not waste time moving from one place to another.

Or you can choose to do routines at home. Just choose a space where you will not interfere with your family's activities and you can concentrate.

4. Balanced diet

balanced diet

Your type of diet can make you spend the days active and with the strength to work and take care of your home with a high spirit or end it annihilated. It also impacts your health and weight.

Your diet should be balanced with foods with low energy density such as vegetables, fruits and proteins, which you can consume in significant quantities without eating many calories. Always remember the triad: protein, carbohydrates and good fats. Don't forget any.

Eating healthy on the street is expensive and difficult to comply with. The best thing is that you prepare your meals at home.

An effective strategy to avoid failure is to use one day a week to plan your menus and cook. You will have the work in advance and you will take stress off yourself.

And to avoid being tempted in the middle of the afternoon when cravings for sweets and carbohydrates strike, take nutritious snacks with you.

You can also prepare healthy shakes with our Fit & Slim and Fit & Strong proteins that will leave you satisfied.

5. Tone your muscles

Tones your musculature

The muscular load keeps the body active, avoids ailments and reduces alterations due to muscular decompensation and bad postures. One of those that can be caused by sitting at your desk for many hours or carrying heavy items.

If you combine weight-bearing exercise and aerobic activity, you'll get a successful combination of keeping your muscles toned.

Food will be essential and food supplements can boost you.

So that you know which foods and supplements are best for you , follow this eating guide to tone your muscles and lose weight at the same time.

6. Good rest

Good rest

There are challenging moments when our thoughts cause us to lose sleep: the report due, a difficult client, your child who misbehaved at school.

For a busy woman rest is essential. You need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

Sleeping less than that makes it difficult for you to recover lost strength, your mood is affected and your performance in different areas of your life decreases.

Meditate, exercise and distract yourself are some actions that will help you fall asleep deeper.

If you suffer from insomnia, please do not resort to medication without the guidance of a doctor.

It is better to go natural. Here we tell you why melatonin is healthier and more efficient to end insomnia than sleeping medications?

And in the middle of the day, try to take short breaks in the hectic pace of your day. Even if you think your schedule will become more congested, it will give you a boost to keep going.

7. Stress management

stress management

Stress, nervousness and anxiety in different intensities are considered the greatest conditions of the 20th and 21st century.

Group and individual relaxation techniques, cardiovascular exercise, a balanced diet, and changing your daily routine are some guidelines that can help you cope with and even eliminate them.

It is better that you allocate time to do it and balance your emotions, than that one bad day you get sick or collapse.

8. Sexual health

sexual health

In addition to being pleasurable, sexuality has many health benefits.

Improves circulation, reduces blood pressure, regulates menstrual cycles, strengthens the pelvic floor, improves defenses, relieves stress and fights depression.

But it must be practiced responsibly and make informed decisions based on self-care.

The promotion of a contraceptive culture and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS) are essential.

9. Take advantage of free time

Take advantage of free time

When a person takes advantage of his free time, the sensations he perceives are usually pleasant.

Devoting time to your hobbies and interests helps you balance your life, it distracts you and you can even enter a state of flow that will make you forget your surroundings for a while.

Remember that not everything is work, husband or children. Being a healthy executive also requires you to treat yourself to moments of scattering.

10. Active social life

active social life

Sharing a while with family or friends and getting out of the daily routine has many virtues.

You can have excellent physical health, reduce the risk of disease and achieve comprehensive well-being, when you have someone to share your life with.

When you interact with others, focus on the present and enjoy the moment. Do your best, express gratitude, and avoid comparing yourself to anyone.

Bonus Key: Avoid Bad Habits

Avoid bad habits

There are wrongly oriented activities that are practiced due to lack of knowledge, imitation or little will.

They are the ones that make up the UNhealthy lifestyles and go against the current of those that we have addressed.

Sedentary lifestyle, sleeplessness, consumption of fast-junk food, idle time or a life without objectives or purposes, among others.

Some tend to start in social situations such as drug and alcohol use. And if there is no awareness of the damage they cause, they can become addictions and make some people lose control.

At this point there are no half measures. If you don't avoid them, you will be hurt and may limit your potential to perform what you want and improve your physical condition.

Being a multitasking woman gives you many opportunities. Among them, making the world around you healthier.

  • Children imitate the attitudes and personality of their parents. Take the opportunity to put the correct lifestyle habits into practice and your relatives will tend to be healthier and will do so with pleasure.
  • Your workplace can be a space to promote well-being. But do it with a good attitude and don't try to force anyone. When others see changes in you, they may be motivated.

Go ahead and manage your time to turn your body and mind around. The results will be positive, you will prevent diseases, you will look like you want and you will be the healthy executive you dream of.

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