Physical exercises to do as a family

Ejercicios físicos para hacer en familia

Exercising as a family is important, not only because it promotes everyone's health, it also creates a moment of distraction and even a few laughs.

In order for it to be part of their routines, they must establish a daily plan that includes even the smallest members of the house. Take it as a way to strengthen coexistence in a fun and practical way.

It is not necessary to leave home, nor be experts to do it. Just wanting to have a good time for a while, while creating good healthy habits .

ENCOURAGE your whole family to exercise!

Family that exercises together evolves together

Family that exercises together evolves together

Many people lead a sedentary life: they move only with a car, they spend most of their free hours sitting watching television or in front of the computer. Even the children.

It is extremely important to instill in the home a change of habits and customs to begin to enjoy a healthy life, taking into account from the smallest to the grandparents. And I'm going to show you why working out is one of the most important.

What is physical activity ? They are a series of movements produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles, that is, the muscles that are attached to the skeleton that cause energy expenditure.

There are several ways to do it: work, play, walk, do housework and exercise .

Why is it important to exercise as a family? Because it reduces the probability of suffering from diseases such as obesity and diabetes, in addition to staying in good physical shape.

And most importantly, you can create good healthy lifestyle habits in your children from childhood, which undoubtedly strengthens the immune system, guaranteeing the growth of the body and mind.

I think it is more than enough reason to include physical activity in the education of the little ones and who better than parents to motivate their children.

10 benefits of exercising as a family

10 benefits of doing physical exercises as a family

Doing physical exercises as a family is the best way to strengthen family ties, consolidate love, affection and instill discipline.

It has multiple positive effects on family health, both physical and mental. In fact, scientific studies have shown that people with a regular practice of physical activity live longer and in good health.

In addition, it is essential to instill good healthy habits in everyone and create awareness of the benefits and values ​​that physical activity and sport provide. So why not do it as a team?

Of course, to stay motivated, practice should not be made an imposition, nor expect everyone to perform the same. Each one will go at their own pace, according to what their body tells them.

And everyone needs to be well fed and hydrated, to get nutrients to recharge their batteries after a good workout. Of course, always with healthy and nutritious food.

If you make it part of your daily routine and add a touch of fun, you will get many benefits:

1. They will feel happier

Exercise has been shown to improve mood and decrease feelings like depression, anxiety, and stress.

It also favors the production of endorphins that help generate positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain.

Just practicing 30 minutes a day is enough to experience this sensation.

2. Helps them maintain a healthy weight

Regular exercise generates more energy, so more calories are burned. And that can help everyone at home maintain a healthy weight.

Combining aerobic (lower intensity) exercise with resistance training has been shown to maximize fat loss and muscle maintenance.

3. It is good for muscles and bones

Physical exercise plays a vital role in building and maintaining strong muscles and bones. This is because it helps release hormones that promote your muscles' ability to absorb amino acids and that, in turn, helps them grow and reduces muscle breakdown.

Physical activity also helps develop bone density and facilitates the proper functioning of the different organs of the body.

4. Increases your energy levels

Increases energy levels, helps maintain good physical condition and avoids a sedentary lifestyle.

One study found that six weeks of regular exercise can significantly increase energy levels, even in people with serious illnesses.

5. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

From the largest to the smallest, a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, among others.

Regular exercise has been scientifically shown to improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, blood pressure, and blood lipid levels.

Conclusion? For the family to be healthy, you have to start moving.

6. Skin improvement

Regular moderate exercise helps increase the body's production of natural antioxidants that help protect skin cells.

In addition, it stimulates blood flow and can help delay the appearance of signs of aging.

The women of the house will love that, especially the older ones.

7. Contributes to brain health and memory

Another of the benefits of physical exercise is that it improves brain function, protects memory and thinking skills. Since, by increasing the heart rate, it promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

It also stimulates the production of hormones that can promote the growth of brain cells and prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

8. Relaxes and improves the quality of sleep

It can help everyone relax and sleep better, due to the energy drain that occurs during exercise. That stimulates recovery processes during sleep.

It is believed that the increase in body temperature that occurs during physical activity also improves the quality of sleep.

9. It can reduce pain

Recent studies show that exercise helps relieve chronic pain. Increases tolerance to that pain and decreases the perception that one has of it.

For many years, the recommendation to treat chronic pain was rest and inactivity. But today we know that the perspectives are different.

10. It offers enormous psychological contributions

Helps release tension and nervousness. It also facilitates the process of learning to set goals and achieve them, helping to form a disciplined personality.

And since it promotes the release of endorphins, it increases the feeling of emotional well-being, as well as a vitality that increases the safety of even the elderly.

All these benefits are more than enough to motivate your family to exercise. You will see how in a short time they will evolve towards real healthy changes, both physical, mental and emotional.

The best 6 ways to move as a family that you can practice at home

The best 6 family physical exercises that you can practice at home

1. Sit down and stand up

As simple as that, sitting down and getting up from a chair is an excellent exercise.

I recommend that the chair be short so that it costs them more work and the effects on their bodies are noticeable.

If you perform three sets of 20 repetitions every day, you will be strengthening your body. With this activity they will achieve better leg and buttock muscles.

2. Jumps forward and back

Through this simple exercise they will be able to have strong and beautiful legs, in addition to working the muscles of the lower part of the body.

It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that will help you lose weight, if you need it.

Those who want to get better results and have enough strength can carry two bottles of water in each hand and start jumping.

Do four sets of 15 repetitions. If someone gets tired first, it doesn't matter! take the rest you need.

3. Abs

This exercise is very easy and not exhausting.

They should only lie on the floor and raise your legs, supporting them on a chair. In this position, raise your head and arms towards your knees. If they feel a pain in their stomach, they will be able to identify that they are doing it correctly.

They can also do it by resting their feet on the chair and their hands on the floor, bringing their abdomen towards their feet; the objective is to hold them stretched and tense for a few seconds.

All this will help them strengthen the abdominal muscles. Do four sets of 12 repetitions.

4. Up-down, up-down

This exercise is ideal when they have a staircase at home, because just by going up and down they will be exercising.

If you don't have stairs, stand in front of a tall, sturdy chair so you can bend one knee and stand on it. If there is a small child, stay close to them to feel more secure and avoid a fall.

Those who can, go up and down for three sets of 20 repetitions.

It will favor the strengthening of the buttocks and legs.

5. Raise the pelvis

Without a doubt, this exercise is the easiest and most effective.

They should only lie on their backs, resting the soles of their feet on the ground and bending their knees. Lift your pelvis toward the ceiling, but your back should be diagonal to the floor.

Hold that posture for a few seconds. The ideal is to perform 15 repetitions.

6. Don't forget to stretch

For your health and for the best muscle recovery, you should always stretch at the end of a workout.

Stretch your whole body, from the calves to the neck, in a relaxed way and feeling how your muscles loosen up.

In this way, your body will understand that the training is over, that it is time to relax, rest and recharge your batteries with a healthy meal or snack.

You are already more than clear that this practice is extremely important for the physical and mental health of the family.

And if they combine it with a healthy diet, moments of fun that get them out of the routine and enough rest, they will be a healthy super team that will be able to evolve in many aspects of life today and in the future.

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