The best nutrients for long, strong and shiny hair

Los mejores nutrientes para un cabello largo, fuerte y brillante

If you know that distressing and unpleasant feeling of running your hands through your hair and feeling it dry; it is brittle and dull. Or even worse, after combing your hair you look at the brush and it is full of hairs that have just fallen out. Here you will learn about the best nutrients for hair.

And there are many causes for this to happen, but most are associated with a poor diet.

Therefore, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to restore its balance can help you have long, strong and shiny hair .

Why does the hair fall out?

Over the years, hair can become dull, suddenly start to fall out, or appear rough and dry.

The cause may be hormonal factors, aging, genetics, poor hair hygiene habits, the use of dyes and bleaches, high levels of stress, the use of certain medications, and an unhealthy or unbalanced diet.

And although special health and personal attention is needed to solve some of these reasons, your diet is a factor that only depends on you and you can easily modify it to obtain many benefits, including long, strong and shiny hair.

What is hair?

It is an incredible material that, although it is biologically dead, has a life of its own.

It is made up of a protein called keratin, very rich in cysteine ​​and other minerals such as magnesium, silicon, copper and zinc. Therefore, to have strong and healthy hair it is essential to maintain a diet that contains these nutrients .

Otherwise, your hair follicles are weakened, causing breakage and a slower rate of hair regeneration.

Hair has two primary functions:

  1. Protect your scalp against external agents such as the sun and the cold.
  2. Aesthetics, which is very important to people of all cultures. So much so that it even has multiple meanings: strength, wisdom, experience, virility/femininity, freedom, slavery, fashion, religion, purchasing power, social class, political-philosophical ideology, among many others.

What is the structure of the hair?

The hair is housed in a depression in the skin called the hair follicle and is made up as follows:

Root: is located under the skin. At the end of each of the roots is a bulb or "dermal papilla", where all the substances necessary for hair growth are housed.

Stem: it is the main part of the hair and is made up of three parts:

  • Cuticle: it is a resistant layer that protects you from agents that could damage the fibers of your hair. Its integrity provides shine and ease of glide when you brush.
  • Cortex: It is the middle layer of the hair shaft, responsible for the elasticity and resistance of your hair.
  • Medulla: it is the internal part of your hair and has no direct relationship in the alterations of the stem.

Necessary nutrients for long, strong and shiny hair

If you want to know what nutrients hair needs, here we will tell you.

There are some that favor your health. Mainly, proteins, essential amino acids, collagen, vitamins and minerals.

Below I explain their function in your body and what foods you can get them from:



Fruits and vegetables

To get shiny, strong and longer hair, you must include in your diet many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are obtained from fruits and vegetables.

Well, if you are not a frequent eater of vegetables and fruits, Vitality Greens can help you because it brings together the power of 42 vegetables, fruits and superfoods concentrated in one tablet. It is that easy and convenient.

other nutrients

other nutrients

Remember that a well-nourished and healthy body is synonymous with external beauty. So, if you want to have stronger hair every day, stop its fall and avoid split ends, take advantage of the power of a healthy and balanced diet.

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