How Autumn Affects Menopause

Cómo afecta el otoño en la menopausia

It's a proven reality: autumn and menopause don't get along so well.

And at this time of year it's not just the leaves that fall off the trees. Energy, mood, defenses and general quality of life also drop.

As if that were not enough, sleep is disturbed and, if you are careless, you accumulate more body fat.

Oh really? Perhaps it is not enough to live the symptoms of menopause day by day, for the autumn season to accentuate them.

Peaceful. Here we will teach you why these changes happen, how to manage them and you will learn two nutrients to fully enjoy this beautiful season of the year.

Why does autumn affect menopause?

This kind of physical and mental chaos has a name, autumn asthenia.

It is a syndrome that lasts between 15 days and a month. It appears when the hours of sunshine are reduced, it rains more, the temperature and atmospheric pressure drop.

Faced with such a mess of the environment, the body must adapt.

And yes, autumn affects menopause in many women, because new causes are added to the symptoms they already present due to the hormonal disruption typical of age.

Menopause in autumn: the most common symptoms

low energy

Rain, colder weather and less sunlight directly affect energy levels. What happens inside you? Your production of serotonin (happiness hormone) decreases and melatonin (sleep hormone) increases.

Therefore, the fatigue of menopause worsens, you become slower and you don't feel like doing anything, not even the activities that you enjoy the rest of the year.

Metabolism is slower

In autumn the metabolism slows down, which means that your body burns fewer calories throughout the day. And since at this time you may become less active and crave sweets and carbohydrates more, you would be more likely to gain weight.

Some researchers also claim that a lack of vitamin D (due to less sun exposure) could reduce the breakdown of fats. Therefore, you accumulate it more and it is difficult for you to lose weight .

Humor changes

You are happy, after a while you get sad, you get upset with little or you have a sudden feeling of loneliness. If these mood alterations are part of your life after menopause, autumn could accentuate them a little.

Just think about it. It is not so easy to stay balanced when, in addition to estrogen and progesterone, your sleep, happiness and pleasure hormones are altered.

Defenses lower

With less sun, more rain and cold temperatures, the immune system weakens, limiting its ability to fight infections and diseases.

And we must not forget that after the age of 50, the functions of the immune system decline, making it difficult for you to fight viruses, bacteria and other external enemies.

Tips to control the effects of autumn on menopause

You are a warrior, you don't have to surrender to hormonal and seasonal changes. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the autumn season, follow these easy tips to put into practice:

  • Try to make your diet balanced, rich in essential nutrients and stay well hydrated. You can give yourself guilty pleasures, but don't let it be every day.
  • Advance your bedtime to get up earlier. This way you can take advantage of the hours of light that the sun gives you.
  • Keep your body active by doing physical exercises daily. It doesn't matter if it's light or moderate, but move.
  • Find time to do activities you like. If it is with friends, family and work colleagues, better; You will be distracted, your mood will improve and you will feel very good.

Two supplements that will be your allies in autumn

In times that require giving a little more of yourself, a smart strategy is to reinforce your diet with supplements to obtain the doses of nutrients that your body needs.

We show you two that will do you a lot of good:

1. Vitality Greens includes nutrients to balance your estrogen levels, gain more energy, and antioxidants that fight viruses, bacteria, and infections.

It's great because it gives you the vitamins and minerals of 42 fruits, vegetables and superfoods concentrated in one tablet. Easier to consume extra vegetables, impossible! Learn more here. 

2- Good Bacteria is the probiotic supplement with billions of good bacteria that take care of your intestines to be healthy, strong and lively.

Scientists have shown that if your gut is healthy and balanced, your mood, health, weight, and even your brain function at their best. It's worth checking out, right? Discover everything about Good Bacteria here

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