5 WEIGHT reasons to lose weight

5 razones DE PESO para adelgazar

Many people believe that the compelling reasons to lose weight are: to look good or take care of illnesses. And while these are powerful reasons, they are not the most notable when it comes to deciding to lose weight.

In this post you will discover 5 compelling reasons to lose weight, which will mean a big change in your life when you start to reduce body fat.

Do you already have an idea what it's about? Keep reading and reveal this mystery.

Forget about this if you want to lose weight

Nowadays, what motivates people to lose a few extra pounds are the sculptural bodies that proliferate on social networks, but “what people will say about my physical build” also has a lot of influence.

These reasons for losing weight are not motivated by wellness. And those who hide behind them usually fail, because their actions are not based on what science has proven to work and they are too boring to maintain over time.

Let's do a mental exercise:

For a moment put aside your feelings, insecurities, assumptions, stories and old beliefs about body fat.

You feel more relief and less pressure, right?

Remember that we are a whole. And losing weight doesn't just impact the physical; It also positively affects the mind, because when we practice healthy habits, our brain reduces inflammation and can function correctly.

Skip looking good for a moment

Forget for a second the ideology of “look at the skinny” or “look at the fat” , get the six-pack abs, lettuce diets and perfect bodies out of your head.

Try not to remember what others are like physically, because each person's body image is different, each body is different.

Although you can have a reference of what you want to achieve, you cannot compare yourself, because each process and each healthy lifestyle is unique. What works for one person may not work for you.

Skip the illness for a moment

Ignore the catastrophic diseases that excess weight can cause for a few seconds. Get atherosclerosis, arterial plaque, cardiac arrest, pulmonary hypertension, strokes, all cancers, diabetes and metabolic syndrome out of your mind.

Also ignore these ideas:

Also ignore these ideas

These indicators are not decisive in telling you that you are full of life and that you do not have extra fat. They are simply a reference, but don't trust them.

Skip “size” for a moment

Something important that you should always remember is that your “body size” does not indicate how healthy you are. Just because you are skinny does not mean that you enjoy well-being and optimal health. And having a few extra kilos is not a sign of being obese either.

To identify what is the ideal weight for you and to stay healthy, a doctor or nutritionist can advise you. They will know the best strategy for you, based on your age, height, and other essential traits.

Why should you skip this if you want to lose weight?

Each of the “reasons” that I mentioned above hide the important reasons to lose weight and those that should really be the focus if you consider eliminating fat.

For example, there is an everyday conversation (almost always generalized) about fat and health. This topic focuses only on medical conditions that can kill or disable an overweight person. And yes, it may attract attention, but it doesn't create any sensation.

Why? The argument that most people say is: “I'm going to die from anything.” It sounds crazy, but when people are faced with these types of “horrible” diseases this is usually their reaction, since the scare tactic does NOT work.

And of course, there is the focus of the fitness industry . For them it's just about looking good, with any clothes, place or meeting. And while it may seem inspiring for a minute, this has not been proven to be a sustainable way to achieve weight loss.

As you can see, there are no compelling reasons to lose weight, they are not scientifically proven and those who have taken this as an impetus to lose fat always leave the path halfway.

The 5 WEIGHT reasons to lose weight

The most popular incentives for losing a few pounds are not very effective, useful, or science-validated ways to promote fat loss.

But you don't have to worry. There are better reasons to lose weight, more urgent reasons, more evidence-based, more focused on quality of life.

And at Evolution Advance Nutrition we are going to tell you:

1 # Your joints will thank you

Obesity increases the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis . If you don't know what it is, it is a degenerative joint disease, in which cartilage is lost and the bones in the joints are gradually destroyed.

“Healthy” people tend to worry little about this, as they think it is common in aging. But, the truth is that if you have a healthy and active life you can reach old age without your joints hurting or your bones cracking.

Your joints will thank you

And all this is proven with a scientific study that compared the heaviest patients with the lightest ones. The probability of being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in one knee was 6 times higher in the heavy group.

But this does not mean that only obese people can suffer from these joint pains; Anyone who has excess fatty tissue and inflammation can too.

For this reason, a compelling reason to lose weight is to reduce joint pain and improve your movement. If you start taking it into account it can benefit you almost immediately.

2# You will sleep spectacularly every night

Maybe you will say, yes, we all know that sleeping well is one of the compelling reasons to lose weight... Well, it's true; Resting at least 8 hours is recommended. But today you are going to discover something that perhaps you didn't know.

Imagine that you are in a tunnel and, suddenly, you hear a very loud roar and everything moves. When you run, the exit is all covered by huge stones. You go back and go the other way, but it is also blocked, what to do?

Something like this happens with sleep apnea: your upper airways collapse while you sleep, cutting off your oxygen. And yes, apnea is much more than just snoring.

2# You will sleep spectacularly every night

According to a scientific study, about 25% of adults have sleep apnea and 50% of obese adults suffer from it. If you have mild sleep apnea but gain weight, there's a chance this disorder could go from moderate to severe.

In short: another of the compelling reasons to lose weight is to be able to sleep better. Not only will it help you regulate your metabolism, but also your hormonal systems and more. Literally, your life will restart.

3# You will enjoy the food more

This sounds really strange, but for most people who struggle with losing a few extra pounds, food doesn't taste good. There is no evidence as such yet, but, so far, research has revealed that those who tend to eat more food cannot taste it at all.

It is not known if excess fat changes your taste buds, if your tastes change your appetite and cause you to gain weight, or if it is related to chemical signaling (how taste is created in the mouth and how the brain interprets it). .

In short, obese people have altered taste perception, which leads them to eat more, especially inappropriate foods. But when they start to lose weight they will end up completely avoiding sugary foods and fats.

This means that losing fat, getting fit, and consistently developing healthy habits can change the way you perceive flavors. And when you really enjoy food, you eat less, but you feel much more satisfied.

4# Your immune system will be strengthened

Body fat is NOT like an ATM, where you deposit fat and get energy.

As in everything, a balance is always needed. If you have a healthy amount of fat, your hormones and cellular signals will function properly; But if we have too much, things will go wrong.

The immune system is our body's natural defense against infections, bacteria and viruses. And when it is strengthened, fight all the invaders who want to attack you.

For this reason, losing body fat can help you have a healthier, more receptive and robust immune system. And it means you will have fewer colds, infections and enjoy a healthier and more active daily life.

5# You will have a better response to childbirth and surgeries

Having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body fat range means that any mother who wants a safe delivery and a thriving baby, or any surgical patient who wants a quick and safe recovery, can have better results and be much happier.

People who have a lot of body fat:

  • They are more difficult to tube.
  • They have a higher risk of incisional hernia after laparoscopy.
  • They have the longest operating time.
  • They have high rates of serious postoperative complications.

Pregnancy is a good example of this, see why:

  • Among women who are significantly obese, about 50% of them need to have cesarean sections, compared to only about 20% of the general population.
  • If they give birth vaginally, overweight women may need to have many more medical instruments and procedures involved.
  • After surgery, mothers with extra pounds can end up with more infections.

Apart from this, carrying a pregnancy with a lot of body fat significantly increases complications and diseases for the baby and the mother.

Tips to lose weight happy and motivated

Tips to lose weight happy and motivated

Focus on how wonderful your life can be when your body is fully functional, mobile, and metabolically healthy.

Your body won't be the only one to react positively. Your mind will also be more clear and focused when inflammation in your brain is reduced, and you will feel pleased with having a better quality of life.

If you have questions, tell us!

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