New year, new size: goodbye overweight due to fluid retention

Año nuevo, talla nueva: adiós sobrepeso por retención de líquidos

One day you went shopping. You tried on a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly and said, I'll take it!

The next day, very excited, you wanted to wear them for the first time. But they squeezed your hips and didn't zip you up. What what? Did you gain weight overnight?

Don't worry, it's most likely that you didn't gain a few pounds, but rather that you are overweight due to fluid retention .

The good news is that you can get rid of those treacherous fat pants and show off your new pants in less time than you think.

Detect if you are overweight due to fluid retention

We suggest you become your own detective and follow the clues to solve the mystery of whether you are overweight due to excess fluids in your body or if it is accumulated fat.

Clue 1: How fast did you gain weight?

If you feel like you've gained weight in a couple of days, don't panic.

Remember that gaining a few pounds is a gradual process that happens when you eat more than necessary and do not burn the calories you overdo.

Grab a notebook or your cell phone, and write down:

  • What day did you feel plumper?
  • What date did you return to your usual weight.

If they are only one or two days apart, it is one of the symptoms of fluid retention .

Another clue is to detect if the extra volume is mainly around the belly, ankles and fingers. If so, it is not accumulated fat.

Hint 2: how your skin behaves

Now, sharpen your Sherlock Holmes-style detective gaze, and take the following test to rule out where your weight gain is coming from.

  • With your thumb, press the area where you feel the most bulging.
  • Hold it for 5 seconds.
  • If when you lift your finger the skin immediately rises, it is oily.
  • If it takes a few seconds to return to its normal state — elementary my dear Watson — you are retaining fluids.

Clue 3: Your extremities are swollen

Take out your magnifying glass and put it on your extremities, because from them you can extract some clues.

Take a good look if, in addition to feeling heavier, your hands, legs and fingers are swollen. So much so that you have a hard time putting on your shoes, rings and stockings.

If so, this indicates that you have fluid retention.

Clue 4: Cellulite got worse

This may be the final clue to corroborate the origin of your overweight.

You must be very observant so as not to get confused.

Because, typically when cellulite is more noticeable, the first suspect is accumulated fat. But the villain is likely excessive fluid retention.

To solve this clue, see if your orange peel skin is more noticeable on the same days that you feel plumper.

If it happens to you, it is because the retained liquids swell your tissues and bring to the surface the fat deposits (cellulite) that are hidden under the skin.

But don't worry, improving cellulite due to this cause is not that difficult.

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How to eliminate excess weight due to fluid retention

If you came this far it is because you solved the case and you already know the reason for your sudden overweight.

Now, let's get to work. We will give you 5 lightning tips to get your body back to normal, easy, fast and safe.

  • Drink plenty of water (6 to 8 glasses a day), especially in hot weather and if you exercise.
  • Choose foods high in fiber and lots of vegetables. Stay away from processed, very salty and high-sugar foods.
  • Stay active, at least 30 minutes a day. It will activate your circulation and your lymphatic system.
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight to avoid the accumulation of waste substances and liquids.
  • There are herbs that work wonders to drain fluids naturally. The most effective are dandelion, green tea, blueberries, juniper berry, Buchú leaves, corn silk powder and apple cider vinegar.

Because we want to make your life easy, we brought all those herbs together in one supplement. It's called Water Less and it will help you eliminate excess weight due to fluid retention, quickly and safely.

And if you want a superior result, combine it with CLA Fit , which helps you mobilize accumulated fat so it can be burned.

A recommendation, if the swelling is excessive and does not improve over the days, consult your doctor. It could be due to a health or hormonal problem that you have not detected.

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