How to eat and not gain weight: tips to eat what you want without gaining weight

Cómo comer y no engordar: consejos para comer lo que quieras sin ganar peso

“To lose weight or stay thin you have to be hungry.” That is one of the most common myths among people who want to see changes in their body.

But that's a lie. To have a healthy weight, stopping eating will never be an option.

If you want to eat whatever you want without gaining weight, keep reading.

The importance of eating habits without gaining weight

Surely you have a friend who eats like there is no tomorrow and doesn't gain an ounce. On the other hand, you feel like you gain size just by breathing in a tortilla with cheese.

If you want to learn to eat without gaining weight, the first thing you have to be clear about is that all bodies are different, because not everyone digests food the same and they do not have the same metabolism, which is why you cannot compare yourself .

9 recommendations to eat without gaining weight

  • Eat what you want: in fact, to eat without gaining weight, it is not necessary to say goodbye forever to everything you like, otherwise you would never be able to go out to eat with your friends. What we do recommend is that you reduce your intake of sugary and fatty foods. An occasional dessert after a special dinner won't make you gain weight like eating chocolate every day after lunch can.

  • Establish a time to eat: try to have a routine for eating your food. If you get used to always eating at the same times, it will be easier for your brain to understand that it is time to eat and thus you will avoid cravings at odd hours.

  • Cook at home: the best way to control what you eat is if you prepare it yourself. Although cooking may take some time, the quality of the preparations will be better and you will save some money.

  • Shop consciously: Do you want to stop eating packaged potatoes at 5:00 pm when you get anxious? Well, don't buy them. If you want to start eating better, you have to start by buying foods that provide nutrients and avoid filling the supermarket cart with brownies and cookies.

  • Eat when you're hungry, not anxious: When you feel hungry, ask yourself if it's really time to eat or if you're just anxious and want to eat ice cream to feel better. If you start to think about why you eat what you eat, you will have some surprises.

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  • Chew slowly: if you are one of those who choke on food in order to finish quickly, it is time for you to change that habit. If you eat slowly, in addition to enjoying food more, you will have better digestion and you will give your body time to realize when you are full, avoiding eating more.

  • Move: one of the main complements to a good diet is physical activity. Moving your body will help you burn calories, eliminate toxins and if that were not enough you will feel happier.

  • Get enough sleep: Quality sleep can help you lose weight. When you sleep, all your body systems are renewed, your hormones are regulated and you regain energy to carry out your day-to-day activities. It is important that you try to sleep an average of 7 hours each night so that you have a truly restful rest.

  • Include proteins in your diet: all the habits that we just mentioned can give you good results, but if you want to continue enjoying desserts, sweets and all those recipes that you love, you can try making them with Fit&Slim protein from Evolution Advance. With this protein you will avoid cravings and feel satiated for longer.

Although it is a very common belief, weight is a condition that is not only determined by what you eat.

In fact, how your body looks is the result of a set of factors that complement each other, so if you set out to improve your habits with discipline, you will be able to eat what you want without gaining weight.

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