How to turn calories into allies to lose weight and tone up

Cómo convertir a las calorías en aliadas para bajar de peso y tonificarse

Are you one of those who spend their time counting calories?

270 for the steak, plus 80 for the banana, 32 for the strawberries and 400 for the croissant that you couldn't refuse.

Counting calories every time you eat can be demotivating and if you make them your enemies it is much worse.

If you want to lose pounds , you need a low-calorie diet, but if it is not balanced or healthy it can bring you more problems than good results.

Calories aren't so bad

Calories aren't so bad

Almost everyone talks about them, but not everyone knows what they mean.

A calorie is the unit that measures the energy provided by all the foods and drinks you consume.

And despite their bad reputation, they are not harmful to your body; on the contrary, they keep you energized and functioning at 100% in your daily activities.

The problem arises when you consume more than you need and do not burn them, because they become fat and you end up gaining weight.

Most foods and drinks contain calories.

  • Some in very small quantities such as lettuce, celery, cucumber, celery and, of course, water.

  • Others have many such as vegetable oils, butter, walnuts, hazelnuts, bacon, and soda.

The key is to find a balance and NOT eliminate them completely because it is not healthy nor does it benefit your figure.

On the one hand, because you will cut off the energy source for your workouts and daily activities.

And on the other hand, because the metabolism tends to slow down to metabolically compensate for the sudden drop in energy that you are causing.

Immediately, your body reacts by stopping burning calories to balance itself and prevent you from losing weight.

Plus, your muscles won't have enough food to repair themselves after exercising. And that is not good at all, if in addition to being thin you want to tone up.

Choosing your foods well and maintaining a balanced diet is enough

The healthiest thing is that you do not consume less than 1200 calories a day , that could help you lose one or two pounds per week and keep your muscles in good condition.

Remember that cutting too many calories can not only go against your figure, but it puts your health at risk and saps your energy.

To have a firm and slim body, exercise and consume more calories. But they should come from healthy food, especially proteins.

By eating this way and doing strength exercises you will see surprising results.

And if the numbers on your scale go up, don't worry. That means your muscles are growing and weigh more than fat, but take up less volume.

In short: you will be slimmer and your body will be firmer.

And since muscle is metabolically active, you will burn more calories, even hours after exercising.

There are easy actions you can take to lose weight and stay toned.

There are easy actions you can take to lose weight and stay toned.

Heavy exercise promotes decreased body fat, maintains muscle mass, and prevents your metabolism from slowing down when you diet. Combine it with a moderate dose of cardio and you will see great results.

Remember that achieving a body goal in a healthy way takes time. Step by step is slower, but safer.

So work on your patience, develop your discipline and take immediate action.

In a short time you will see your body truly transformed.

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