How to enjoy your December and not gain weight

Cómo disfrutar tu diciembre y no engordar

December is the busiest month of the year, full of toasts, parties and reunions. But it also causes anxiety if you limit yourself from eating your favorite Christmas treats so as not to gain too much weight.

If you tend to stumble into temptations at Christmas, New Year's and other celebrations, say goodbye to guilt.

Because we are going to give you 5 tricks so that you can eat what you like the most without going over the kilos. This will help you minimize the damage caused by holiday excesses .

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Allowing yourself some temptations does not mean gaining more weight

Forcing yourself to eat the same as you do every day throughout December is difficult and you can end the month with a lot of frustration. And, believe me, there is nothing worse than that to kill the motivation you need in the new year to achieve your goals.

And having a space free of strict rules has benefits for your mind and body:

  • Your mind will rest from the anxiety caused by “forbidden” foods and the guilt that a day without training can generate.
  • You will feel the freedom to share with friends, colleagues and family without feeling excluded or pressured by others.
  • Getting out of the monotony will not only relieve your life, but it can recharge your body with energy and help it function better.

We are not telling you that bloating yourself with ultra-processed foods, swimming in alcoholic beverages, staying up late every day, or sleeping more than 10 hours a day will have no consequences. That can make you gain more weight.

What is allowed is to rest enough, give yourself the pleasure of enjoying those December delicacies that keep you awake (with awareness) and dedicate yourself to having a good time.

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