How to avoid flab while losing weight

Cómo evitar la flacidez mientras se adelgaza

Along with cellulite and stretch marks, sagging is one of the most frequent complaints among women.

And, although many thin women also fall into its clutches, it is more common to suffer from it after pregnancy or if they go on flash diets, among other things, to look better in a bikini next summer.

This aesthetic problem can cause insecurity and low self-esteem. It can even crush the happiness that comes from having reached the weight you want.

But calm down... In this post I am going to guide you so that neither your skin nor your spirits decline, but rather that you lose weight the right way and avoid flaccidity along the way.

Why does skin become saggy when losing weight?

When you decide to lose weight very quickly, your skin is likely to become flaccid , since the fat leaves a void and the tissues do not recover as quickly as you lost weight.

Additionally, it causes you to produce less collagen, which weakens skin tissues and causes lack of firmness.

Why does this happen? It turns out that with overly restrictive diets the body not only loses fat but a large percentage of muscle, resulting in an excessive increase in flaccidity.

In addition to that, they cause a rebound effect that makes you regain double the kilos lost in a short time and, thus, the skin stretches and loosens.

For this reason and more, it is recommended to eat balanced and nutritious diets that do not make you lose more than half a kilo per week.

How to combat sagging after losing weight?

how to combat sagging after losing weight

In general terms, you should lose weight progressively and, simultaneously, begin a plan to make your skin regain its natural tension and elasticity.

Although it may seem like a complicated task, with perseverance and meticulousness you can achieve it.

In fact, just by changing certain habits in your daily life you will achieve the goal. The results will not come immediately, but you will see them.

For that, I leave you some tips with which you can correct sagging skin easily and effectively:

8 tips to avoid sagging while losing weight

  1. exercise
8 tips to avoid sagging while losing weight

To avoid sagging it is very important to work the different muscle groups.

Exercises with weights are among those that give the best results. And it's not about spending hours in a gym; You can gain muscle and strengthen specific areas of the body with small dumbbells or even 1kg food packages or full water containers.

It can also help you to do simpler activities such as walking, jumping rope, push-ups on the floor or with supports on the wall. They are accessible and very easy to do, but you need willpower, discipline and perseverance.

Lastly, take the stairs instead of the elevators. This is one of the easiest exercises to do and one of the most recommended.

Remember to start small; In the end you will see great results.

  1. Eat the right proteins

To treat sagging skin , consuming protein is vital, since it is the only macronutrient that can restore the muscle tissues and skin that you need to firm.

These proteins can be of animal or plant origin. However, the best option is lean protein, such as:

Eat the right proteins

To make sure you eat enough protein each day, you can use a whey powder supplement.

Not only will it provide you with the same amount of protein as a chicken breast, but it does not contain fat, sugar or carbohydrates.

For those cases we created Fit&Slim , the protein for weight loss that also takes care of your muscle mass and keeps you satiated for hours.

  1. Consume plenty of water
drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is key to repairing your skin.

But it's not about drinking soda, fruit juice or any other sugary drink. Here I talk to you about pure and crystalline water.

It is ideal if you drink at least 2 liters of water a day, but if it is difficult for you, I recommend consuming sips of water every half hour. This way you can maintain the level of hydration that your body and skin need.

And if, no matter how hard you try, you can't tolerate that much water per day, you can make ice creams, smoothies and juices with fruits that are water-based, without added sugar.

  1. Eat foods that promote collagen and elastin production

In order for your body to repair sagging skin after losing weight , it is essential that you consume foods that promote the production of collagen and elastin.

Among these foods we have:

Eat foods that promote collagen and elastin production
  1. Reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco

In addition to the many health problems, already well known, tobacco and alcohol have harmful effects on your skin, accelerating aging and sagging.

  1. Take a shower with cold water

take a shower with cold water

It is a delight to bathe in hot water, but high temperatures cause your skin to lose hydration, wrinkle quickly and, therefore, become flaccid.

Therefore, the ideal is to shower with the coldest water you can handle. This will improve blood circulation and activate your collagen and elastin production.

  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

vita prolonged exposure to the sun

Although sunbathing is one of the most enjoyable pleasures, especially if you love the sea, it is an enemy for your skin if you do it excessively.

And the sun's rays affect collagen fibers and cause the skin to lose firmness and hydration.

I recommend that you sunbathe in the early hours of the morning and avoid it at midday when it is more intense.

  1. Continuously exfoliate your skin
Continuously exfoliate your skin

It is one of the most effective methods to keep skin in perfect condition.

With this practice you will be eliminating toxins that damage your skin and you will improve circulation.

In addition, your skin will have extra oxygen and its ability to restore itself will improve.

Losing weight doesn't have to be a nightmare, if you learn to do it in a responsible, balanced and healthy way. Excesses are not good for anyone.

Follow the advice I offered you, above all, lose weight no more than 500 g per week because it is healthier and more effective in the long term. In addition, it will help you control the hanging skin caused by the rebound effect.

And very important: start your dietary plans with the help and advice of a health professional to guide you in this weight loss process.

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