[Discovering the enemy] Know everything about toxins and how they affect your health and even your weight

[Descubriendo al enemigo] Conoce todo sobre las toxinas y cómo afectan tu salud y hasta tu peso

There is an invisible world that negatively impacts you without you realizing it. And I am not referring to a metaphysical or extrasensory plane.

It is an infinite amount of toxins that invade you daily without you seeing them, capable of causing illness, being overweight, hormonal and stomach problems, tiredness, stress and inflammation, just to name a few of its effects.

But don't worry, your body has a powerful machinery led by the liver that does an impeccable job of eliminating all that dirt.

And if you want it to work 100%, you must know everything you need to face these villains that affect your health, beauty and energy.

You are surrounded, but there is salvation

Unless you spend your life isolated in a waterproof capsule, it is impossible for you to escape the potentially toxic agents that bombard you minute by minute.

And it is that toxins enter your body just by inhaling the air that keeps you alive, by eating certain foods or even by slight contact through the skin.

It will happen with or without your consent in one of three ways:

Toxins have various origins. Either they are artificially created by man or they come from natural elements such as microorganisms, fungi, plants and animals.

You can be poisoned in one hit if you accidentally expose yourself to high levels of a harmful substance, often causing sudden and worrisome symptoms.

At other times, you can be poisoned in low doses for a long time and the physical response occurs after several days, months or even years.

Do you wonder what these harmful substances are and what you can expect from them?

These are the 10 toxins that you should avoid the most

Everything that exists, be it a living entity or an inanimate product, is made up of chemical substances. It's just that some are harmful and others are not.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has established that many of them contribute to improving our quality of life, health and well-being.

But also that 10 of them are a concern for public health, if they are administered in excessive amounts or inappropriately:

With this information, rather than alarming you, I intend to make the panorama clear to you so that you can make better decisions to live healthier and look better.

Some intruders sneak in to alter your hormonal system

Your hormonal system is one of the most affected when you are exposed to toxic substances, which can cause health problems, sometimes with irreparable effects.

The scientific community is giving special importance to the issue and has raised its voice to warn about the need to inform and deal with endocrine disruptors.

What are endocrine disruptors and how do they affect you?

They are basically the chemical compounds that are present in plastics, detergents, insecticides, cosmetics, packaging and other products of daily use, which pollute the environment and affect the normal functioning of hormones.

The situation is complicated when endocrine disruptors imitate or alternate the effect of hormones and send confusing messages to the body, causing various dysfunctions such as:

  • Obesity because it alters the metabolism.

  • Oxidative stress that accelerates the aging process, alters tension and causes loss of muscle strength.

  • Sensory impairment and social problems.

  • Disruption of immune function.

  • Impaired bone health.

  • Cardiovascular problems.

  • Breast cancer and decreased fertility.

  • Malformations in the genitals of babies, decreased semen quality, testicular and prostate cancer.

  • Altered onset of puberty.

Its impact is so great that the European Society of Endocrinology has asked governments to inform consumers that endocrine disruptors are a real threat to their health and the environment.

His advice is to use inert materials such as glass and natural fibers, as well as to reduce the consumption of pre-cooked foods, not to drink bottled water and to read the labels of cosmetics, food and cleaning products carefully before buying them.

Do not want to change planet, changing your lifestyle is easier and works better

Imagine an ordinary day, let's say of a housewife.

One of her daily tasks is to prepare food to nourish her family.

Well, she should be careful of the toxins that can be present in natural foods and in those processed that are manufactured with synthetic elements and artificial preservatives.

That same woman cleans her house with cleaning products that contain ammonia and chlorine. Both sources of poisoning.

Once her housework is done, she makes herself beautiful using skin care products, cosmetics, and some spray to manage her hair, not knowing that they may contain elements that are harmful to her health.

If you suffer from stress, you may seek to tone it down by smoking a cigarette or having a few drinks of alcohol.

You realized? That's how toxic an everyday routine can be.

But as I already mentioned: the idea is not that you end up dreaming of moving to Mars or the Moon to be safe.

You can take simple actions to deal with this situation and start by changing your lifestyle towards healthier ones.

But we are going to talk about that in a post that we are going to publish very soon where we will tell you how to get rid of toxins.

So keep an eye out for his post.

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