Eliminate the syndrome of the object that shines in your strategy to lose weight

Elimina el síndrome del objeto que brilla en tu estrategia para perder peso

You're always like Dory (the little fish from Finding Nemo) thinking, I'm not going on a diet anymore! I have finally decided to follow the recommendations of my doctor, my coach or my nutritionist to lead a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced nutritional plan to lose weight, without going hungry and without extremes - as it should be - and within 2 seconds, It catches your attention and dazzles you for a short period of time.

After a while, a new thing begins to shine and you feel the uncontrollable need to find out what it is, deviating again from your original path or goal.

The bombardment of miracle diets

And we are continually faced with the bombardment of miracle diets, the latest diet, the latest influencer who brings a new method to lose weight, the new weight loss guru who has become famous on social networks, the newest weight loss product that has just hit the market and stop counting.

The crossroads

We finally see ourselves as at a crossroads. The problem arises when opinions contradict each other and that is where you don't know what to do and due to lack of knowledge you lose focus on your goal. Everyone promises you miraculous results and you feel at a crossroads with no way out: Where do I start? What will be the best method? Or worse yet, you start doing everything they recommend, several methods at the same time, or you jump from one diet to another without stopping, without major results.

These are “shiny objects” that dazzle you, continually distract your attention, confuse you and in many cases make you lose your way towards your goal: losing weight.

Even worse is when objects that shine do so in opposite directions. For example, some recommend cardio on an empty stomach and on the other hand, others condemn it. Many recommend drinking milk, while others demonize it and recommend or require you to eliminate it from your diet completely, and that you will only be able to lose weight if and only if you consume almond milk, kale, chia and other series of superfoods that perhaps you even didn't know existed. So always remember that! Not all that glitters is gold.

There is so much information that frequently jumps around us and many times it looks so attractive that sometimes we cannot resist the temptation of trying that new miracle diet or following the instructions of that influencer who promises us that now with his advice or With its super detox diet of green juices, in just 3 days you will have a flat abdomen and lose weight forever.

However, always remember: Not all that glitters is gold! Just as not all methods to lose weight are effective, but above all , not all are healthy.

Beware of the siren songs

I invite you to be very alert so that you do not feel attracted to the siren songs since many of these miracle or dissociated diets have no scientific basis or proven effectiveness. You may be able to lose a few kilos, however, the effort is sometimes so great that you give up and soon return to your original weight. Or worse yet, you get sick, lose muscle mass and begin to experience anxiety and depression, which, together with frequent weight gain, can affect your self-esteem.

And don't let us fall into temptation... To avoid falling into the temptation of going from diet to diet and walking like "Dory" through life, the key is that you are clear about your objectives, creating a well-defined action plan and not letting nothing and no one divert your path.

So here I leave you these 6 recommendations that will help you eliminate Shining Object Syndrome in your weight loss strategy:

  1. Consult a specialist in the matter and follow their instructions to the letter.
  2. Plan your meals in detail.
  3. Focus on your goal and follow a single nutritional plan and physical activity recommendations.
  4. Avoid distracting your attention by following the indications and miracle methods that proliferate daily through social networks and that invade your email like spam.
  5. Keep an agenda and make your check list and every time you comply with each of the recommendations of your initial plan, celebrate it!
  6. Follow your agenda, calendar and/or action plan without doing anything different from what you already had planned. This is the secret to success: 21 days is the minimum time you need to create a new habit , focus on following your weight loss program without allowing shiny objects that appear along the way to divert you from your goal.


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