Localized fat: how to identify and treat it effectively?

Grasa localizada: ¿cómo identificarla y tratarla de forma efectiva?

You eat healthy and low in calories, you train hard and you sleep well. Thanks to that, every day you feel good and you look better.

But you get frustrated that in specific areas of your body the fat doesn't want to move.

Whether it is due to genetics, lifestyle, or because your body is not mobilizing fat as it should be, those chubby fat accumulate in the arms, legs, buttocks, or waist.

There's a solution? Read on to learn more about how localized fat works and what steps to take.

What is localized fat?

Tell me if it sounds familiar:

  • Stop wearing shorts because of the fat that stagnates on your hips…
  • That banana-shaped chubby under the buttocks that ruins your beach look…
  • The love handles that surround your waist and give your torso a square shape…

All of them are examples of what is called localized fat.

In a nutshell, localized fat is an accumulation of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body.

It happens to men and women. Although in them, estrogens (female hormones) favor the storage of fat deposits just where they least want.

And you are in perimenopause and menopause, more fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen due to the hormonal changes that occur at that stage.

 Is it possible or not to lose fat in specific areas of the body?

The short answer is no. So far there is no scientific evidence that you can manipulate your body to burn fat in some places and not others.

But many people get confused when someone recommends something like…

  • “Stop eating fat and you will eliminate fat from your problem areas”
  • “Do more abs to get chocolates or six pac”
  • “The more cardio you do, the faster you will lose fat on your legs”
  • Unfortunately, none of this is possible. Your body is the one who decides where it should extract the fat from to convert it into the energy you need to function.

    So run away from any miracle trainer, dietitian, method, or product that promises to make it happen. I'll explain why:

    • There are no foods that "lose weight" certain areas

    Water with lemon or spicy foods will not get rid of the fat on your arms that makes your sleeves pinch or the chubby legs that prevent you from pulling up your pants.

    What healthy foods can do is help you reduce fat throughout your body, including your problem areas.

    • Localized exercises do not convert fat into muscle

    Exercising is an essential strategy to lose fat faster.

    But, while it is true that there are exercises that target specific areas of the body, such as sit-ups or glute kicks, your body does not isolate specific areas to take fat from a particular area to burn it.

    In fact, a study in 40 women published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological , showed that specific exercises, even when combined with a healthier diet, do not improve fat loss in just one region of the body.

    Tips to keep body fat low

    If you are looking to reduce and eliminate that annoying fat, you should focus on a varied routine that helps you increase energy expenditure. Thus, you will be able to eliminate fat from the entire body, including that which is stored where it worries you so much.

    We give you other recommendations that can help you maintain a low level of body fat:

    • Do exercises, both those that work several parts of the body at the same time as those isolated by muscle group. Over time you will have improved not only the area that interests you, but you will look better in general.
    • Eat foods that do not have many calories to avoid fat accumulation, remember that excess calories tend to settle where you least want them.
    • Stay satiated and prevent muscle loss while losing weight by consuming a good amount of protein. If you have a hard time doing it through food, you can opt for a weight loss protein like Fit & Slim that is delicious and promotes weight and fat loss.
    • Avoid processed foods, sugar, and trans fats.
    • Have adequate hydration.
    • Eliminating the toxins that accumulate in your fat reserves will help you lose weight. Evolution Advance Detox can help you with that in a healthy and safe way.
    • Eat fruits and vegetables. If you don't consume enough, you can lean on our powerful Vitality Greens .
    • Eat nuts. They are excellent for their high content of omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid) and omega-3 acids.
    • Enjoy a deep sleep. If you support yourself with supplements like Sleep Fit you will have a better rest every night, you will burn fat day and night, you will avoid hunger and cravings the next day.
    • Many times, the body has a hard time mobilizing body fat in order to complete the fat oxidation (burning) process. To that end, CLA Fit is the most recognized supplement for its power to blast fat away and keep it from coming back.

    Before falling for miracle solutions or surgeries to eliminate localized fat that after a while you will gain again, try the advice we gave you.

    If you do it with discipline and enjoying every change, no matter how small, the process will be easier for you.

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