Do slimming girdles really work?

¿Las fajas para adelgazar realmente funcionan?

To lose weight you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, which involves a good diet and a training routine. There is nothing that makes you lose fat effortlessly. Much less do you think that the girdles to lose weight will do it.

The true effect of these garments is to dehydrate your body, but remember that sweating a lot is not the same as burning fat and if you use girdles to lose weight in a specific part of your body, they will not do so, since it is impossible to lose weight. localized fat.

Keep reading if you are interested in knowing everything about the girdles to reduce.

Are girdles effective for weight loss?

Weight loss girdles are a product that many people have considered using to show off a slimmer figure in a short time. During the 1990s, they were so popular that they came in a wide variety of shapes and materials.

Most people, when they set out to lose a few extra kilos or eliminate those annoying rolls, look for their goal to be achieved easily and quickly "because summer is just around the corner."

However, the girdles can limit your weight loss, because using them (instead of having a healthy life) will not make any significant changes, rather it could cause you harm.

If you want to lose weight, do not believe in girdles

Let's be clear, losing weight includes effort, discipline and perseverance. Do not believe in the advertising that shows you the girdles to lose weight, because nothing will make you lose weight in a few hours.

If losing a few extra kilos is your goal, you should maintain a balanced diet and daily physical activity. It is the healthiest and most real treatment that exists.

The most popular myths about girdles to reduce

There are many myths about the usefulness of girdles to lose weight and this only ends up confusing you and filling you with expectations that do not conform to reality.

Today I will show you the two most heard myths:

1. "If the girdle squeezes you, it is because it is molding you."

This is totally false, adipocytes are located in certain areas and cannot be moved by moderate compression. And if strong compression is applied, it can interfere with lymphatic circulation or predispose to skin disorders, such as dermatitis , for example.

2. "The girdle helps you combat fluid retention, shapes your fat and will give you more strength in the gym."

Completely false. Many slimming belts are promoted as products capable of doing this, however, it is all a myth.

What are the girdles for?

The area of ​​your skin where the girdle is placed tries to compensate for the temperature by losing fluid, but that fluid comes from your circulatory system.

The increase in temperature in the area where you wear the girdle will not stimulate the destruction of fat either. It will not melt from heat, like a piece of butter in the sun.

The girdles could really serve you to:

  • improve your posture
  • Postoperative
  • Stabilize your back when you lift a lot of weight

Possible risks of using girdles to lose weight

If you use a very tight girdle daily, only with the intention of reducing the waist, it is risky for your health because it can cause:

  • Weakness of your abdominal muscles and your back. It can leave the belly more flaccid and worsening the posture.
  • Difficulty breathing. During inspiration the diaphragm lowers naturally moving the abdomen and with the belt this movement is impaired.
  • Indigestion. The excessive pressure of the belt on your stomach and other digestive organs hinders the passage of blood and its functions.
  • Constipation. The movement of the diaphragm over the intestine helps bowel emptying, but with the use of the belt it does not happen as it should.
  • Bad blood circulation. The excessive pressure of the girdle on the vessels makes it difficult for the blood to reach all the tissues efficiently.
  • Increase insecurity when you don't have the girdle. It is detrimental to your mental health and your quality of life.

In conclusion, the only thing that is proven to work effectively to lose weight is the combination of a balanced diet that meets your needs and a good exercise routine. Start practicing an activity that you like or just go for a walk every day, even for half an hour.

At Evolution Advance I recommend that you consult with your nutritionist which is the most suitable diet for you. In this way you will be able to show off a much healthier and more attractive figure, progressively.

Now, I ask you, did you ever believe in weight loss girdles? I await your comments.

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