The best kept secret of Sleeping Beauty to be fit

El secreto mejor guardado de la Bella Durmiente para estar fit

If there's one thing Sleeping Beauty didn't have to worry about, it was gaining extra pounds from lack of sleep.

It has happened to many and I imagine that it has happened to you too, that at some point in life you do not sleep deep or long enough.

And this has really important consequences:

• Your mood changes

• You get in a bad mood

• Makes you sleepy during the day

• You feel a lack of energy

• Your face looks tired

• You have dark circles

• Your eyes look swollen

• Your expression lines begin to be marked more

• It does not cause you to exercise because of that same tiredness

• You are not in a good mood

• You start to gain weight and body fat

Because even if you don't believe it, the fact of not sleeping well and enough is one of the factors that influence not achieving that weight loss that you want so much. If this is your case in particular, in this video I will talk about Sleep Fit from Evolution Advance, a fat burner that, believe it or not, you will take before going to sleep.

What is melatonin?

It turns out that the miraculous ingredient that Sleep Fit has in its formula is nothing more and nothing less than melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that our body produces at night, when the sunlight falls. It is the hormone that makes you sleep well, that is, several hours in a row. Not only by the fact of sleeping well and enough is that you will lose weight, but melatonin has also been associated with the decrease in body fat.

Why do we burn fat sleeping thanks to melatonin?

We know very well what body fat is, that adipose tissue that we have in our body, which is found under the skin and which we know is white, and which is what we want to reduce more and more. In addition to this, in our body there is another type of fat, which is brown fat. This fat is not bad, this fat does not reserve energy, quite the contrary, it burns it.

The function of this brown fat is to produce heat, thanks to a mechanism in which energy is generated directly from white fat (adipose tissue) and glucose. Therefore, this brown fat is constantly producing heat, burning calories, from the white fat.

And what does Sleep Fit and melatonin have to do with brown fat?

It turns out that recent research has shown how melatonin further activates that brown fat to produce heat from white fat.

Thanks to that activation of brown fat by melatonin, your body fat level will start to decrease. In addition to melatonin, the Evolution Advance Sleep Fit formula contains other ingredients such as glucomannan and carnitine.

I already told you in another post that this ingredient, also contained in the Fit & Slim protein, helps reduce appetite and anxiety about eating.

Carnitine , for its part, will help you use fat as fuel, thus reducing your levels of body fat.

Lastly, it also contains bitter orange extract , a super natural ingredient that has been widely linked to reducing body fat for many years. It will help you lower those rolls that you have in certain parts of your body and that bother you so much.

Now, after having heard us recommend so many times to exercise to burn fat, don't you find it surprising that you can lose weight by sleeping, doing nothing, just sleeping soundly? Well, even if this surprises you, it is reality.

That is not why I am going to tell you to abandon your plans to do some physical activity and dedicate yourself only to sleep and take Sleep Fit , that would be far from being an Evolution Lifestyle. On the contrary, I recommend creating good eating habits, a healthy mentality, good supplementation and physical training.

But if your goal is to lose weight quickly and you want your body to burn body fat at all times, as Sleeping Beauty surely did, then the perfect supplement for this is the Sleep Fit formula from Evolution Advance Nutrition.

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