An incredible cause of urinary infections

Una increíble causa de las infecciones urinarias

What about putting up with the urge to urinate, bathing in pools, intimate relationships, hormonal alterations in menopause or drinking little fluids...

Yes, each of them can be a cause of urinary infections.

But maybe you didn't know that its origin may be where you never imagined: your intestine!

Here you will learn why maintaining your intestinal health may be what you need to checkmate this annoying condition that deteriorates your health and ruins your days.

It all starts in the intestine

Do you still think that taking care of your intestines is only important to maintain digestive health?

You should know that this wonderful gut, about 6 meters long, intervenes in the function of all your bodily and even mental systems .

In fact, it houses 80% of the immune system cells. And according to research, a healthy intestine prevents chronic diseases, flu and infections, including urinary infections.

How the incredible cause of urinary tract infections occurs

There are two powerful reasons that could be causing the “Chinese torture” that urinary infections become once they come into your life.

  • Your intestinal microbiota is altered .

    Your intestine has a large reserve of microorganisms called microbiota or intestinal flora.

    There are trillions of types of intestinal bacteria that coexist in balance. Some function as protective shields to maintain your health and well-being. The others do the opposite.

    And it is precisely when your intestinal microbiota has an overpopulation of bad bacteria, when they can increase the frequency of infections because you are unprotected.

    What causes this imbalance? Bad lifestyle habits, such as a sedentary lifestyle, stress, alcohol, tobacco and very spicy foods.

    But there is a fundamental cause that can make your urine infections a very painful vicious circle that is very difficult to get out of: the use of antibiotics.

    • A study published on May 2 in the journal Nature Microbiology discovered that, although a course of antibiotics can eliminate the bacteria that cause urinary infections, their action does not reach the intestines, which is where the bacteria are born, grow and coexist.

    In fact, when you take antibiotics many good intestinal bacteria die, allowing bad bacteria free rein to multiply and spread back to the bladder, causing you repeated urinary infections.

    • The main bacteria that activates urinary infections lives in the intestine

    One of the causes of urine infection in women is the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli). It is usually the usual suspect in most cases of urinary tract infection, such as cystitis.

    This hateful enemy can affect several points of your urogenital system:

    • When it impacts only the lower urinary tract, it causes that unbearable pain you feel when you urinate and even brings tears to your eyes.

    • If it reaches the upper urinary tract (kidneys), symptoms such as high fever, lower back pain are added and, if you are not careful, it can cause fatal septic shock.

      The bad thing is that when E. coli enters your urinary tract, it multiplies, settles and strengthens the pathology.

      How to protect your microbiota to avoid infections

      You don't have to complicate things to keep your intestinal microbiota healthy and avoid the incredible cause of urinary tract infections.

      Think of them as little internal pets that you have to take care of and nourish with what they like most. And what is that delicacy that keeps them healthy, active and ready to protect you? The probiotics.

      They are foods or supplements that contain live microorganisms to maintain or improve the body's good bacteria.

      And they have been shown to be the most effective and natural way to improve gut health and control infections.

      Not only that, they also repair the damage from antibiotics, especially if you suffer from chronic urinary tract infections.

      Where do you get probiotics? 

      In foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, as well as whole grains, bananas, leafy green vegetables, onions, garlic, soy and artichokes.

      But since with food alone you cannot obtain the truly effective amount to feed your good bacteria, rely on a supplement that offers you the quantity, variety and quality of probiotics you need.

      By simply consuming the right dose of probiotics, you will have already won much of the battle against urinary infections.

      But you should also make some adjustments to your lifestyle habits:

      • Follow a healthy and balanced diet.
      • Lower your stress levels with meditation, relaxation or yoga.
      • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods.
      • Seek to sleep better. Researchers from Florida (United States) found that sleeping well improves the diversity of the intestinal microbiota. On the other hand, poor sleep is related to a poor intestinal microbiota.

      Ready to free yourself from the incredible cause of urinary tract infections forever?

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