DE111® probiotics, stay healthy, active and fit

Probióticos DE111®, mantente sana, activa y en forma

Never before have the pharmaceutical, food and supplement industries studied, created and innovated so much around probiotics.

And is not for less. Clinical studies have amply demonstrated the power of these friendly microorganisms to balance and keep the intestinal microbiota healthy , giving you a healthy and fit body, as well as maintaining your optimal bodily functions.

Even improve mood and reduce symptoms of menopause.

Here you will learn about one of the most powerful and effective probiotic strains that exist, and why should it be part of your daily nutrition? I'll explain.

What does bacterial flora have to do with probiotics?

The first thing to remember is that the bacterial flora is made up of various bacteria and fungi.

They inhabit different parts of your body, such as the skin, throat, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, intestines, urethra, vagina, among others.

There are bacteria and fungi, both bad and good. The key is that your intestinal flora has more of the beneficial ones to maintain your health at the metabolic, immune, neuronal and protective barrier levels.

What role do probiotics play? They are living microorganisms that maintain or enhance the good bacteria in the body. You can get them from your diet and with food supplements .

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What are DE111 ® probiotics ?

A normal bacterial flora can change with age, sex, diet, the use of medicines and antibiotics, the place where you live, the toxins that surround you, among other causes.

When that happens, DE111® probiotics have been shown to balance the microbiota of the GI tract and vagina to ensure your good female health.

What makes this strain of probiotics so special ? It is a patented product of the probiotic Bacillus subtilis that offers significant advantages over other strains. In addition, the patent guarantees that it is an innovative technology.

What are the effects of DE111® probiotics?

  • Controls microbial populations
  • Supports the growth of good gut bacteria in the gut, helping you eliminate undesirable bacteria that cause disease and imbalances throughout your body.

    • Supports the immune system

    Did you know that the intestine is responsible for 50% of the body's immune response? DE111 probiotics help maintain the balance of your microbiota so that you are better prepared to face viruses, bacteria, infections and any external enemy.

  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Helps your body absorb nutrients from your food, drinks, and supplements. Thus, you will have plenty of energy for your daily activities and you will favor the development of your chemical, physiological and metabolic processes.

  • Promotes healthy stool and regularity
  • DE111 is a specialist in improving the symptoms of people with diarrhea, constipation , gas, bloating and other intestinal disorders that cause pain and discomfort.

     Improves body composition

    Researchers discovered that the DE111® probiotic strain with proper nutrition after training improves body composition ( eliminate stubborn fat , more muscle) and sports performance.

  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • In addition to helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels, DE111 supplementation helps maintain blood flow and heart health.

  • Protects immune and intestinal health in children
  • Children are exposed to bacteria, at school, the park and at home that can put them out of play for several days. DE111 is extra protection for the intestinal and immune health of the little ones.

    At Evolution Advance we always seek to offer innovative and effective solutions to support digestive health, proper body function, energy and fat loss.

    That's why we developed Good Bacteria probiotic supplement , which contains a combination of the Bacillus subtilis DE111 probiotic with four other strains of probiotics, making it a truly effective supplement.

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