How to lose weight after 40

Cómo adelgazar después de los 40

If you have already passed the fourth decade or are close, this question may be fluttering in your mind: how to lose weight after 40.

Science has confirmed that it is completely normal for it to be more difficult for you to lose weight at this stage of life, since your body faces hormonal changes, metabolism slows down, stress and anxiety increase, you tend to do less physical activity and, therefore, you expend fewer calories.

Keep reading so that you know the origin of those stubborn pounds that do not give in to anything and some actions that can help you see yourself as you want.

Why does he get fatter with age?

Why does he get fatter with age?

There are several factors that cause you to gain weight and measurements while you add new birthdays:

  • You move less : during youth we maintain a more active life and we tend to exercise more frequently, which helps us burn calories.

But, over the years, you could become more sedentary. With this, you expend fewer calories, and unless you make up for it with a low-calorie diet, the excess will accumulate as body fat and new pounds.

  • You spend less energy : when you stop growing, the energy you spend at rest decreases by about 5% every decade and after age 50 it decreases by 10%.

Therefore, if you consume the same amount of food (especially with a lot of calories) you will store this surplus as fat in your body.

  • Loss of muscle mass : from the age of 30, between 3 and 5% of muscle mass is lost every decade. And the less muscle you have, the fewer calories you burn.

It happens that fat is the fuel for muscle and, if you have less muscle, fat consumption decreases and it accumulates in the body.

  • Sex hormones : from the age of 40, the production of estrogen and progesterone decreases, two female hormones involved in metabolism, weight and the distribution of body fat, which influences weight gain.

This is explained as follows: estrogens produce fat while progesterone counteracts this production. And because progesterone is lost faster, it frees up estrogen to produce more fat cells and extra pounds.

  • Poor sleep : As you get older you sleep less. And little sleep is one of the factors that makes it fatter with age.

The reason? The levels of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) increase and those of the satiety hormone (leptin) decrease, so it is very common that after a sleepless night you feel more hungry than normal.

  • Stress and depression : Generating higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) can affect weight. And with age it is more common for these evils of modern life to appear, since the emotional load increases.

How to lose weight after 40 or more?

How to lose weight after 40 or more?

As you can see, gaining weight as you age is a natural process. But you can take control, adopting new habits , consistent with a healthy lifestyle.

It may be difficult, but it is possible if you are disciplined and consistent.

Evolve towards a healthy life : do not wait until you gain weight to take action; Go integrating positive habits into your life, such as a balanced diet, exercising, meditating, resting properly, avoiding stress and depression.

Balanced diet: preferring natural foods, balancing macronutrients and progressively removing ultra-processed and junk food from your menu can help you control weight and other risk factors for your health.

You can also opt for the intermittent fasting technique, which offers quick results and is effective for losing weight, controlling blood sugar, and lowering blood pressure.

Control the amounts of food : do not overdo it with meals, especially if your physical activity has not increased. A good tip is to eat on smaller plates.

Increase protein consumption : this macronutrient will help you feel more satisfied and, over time, not gain more weight. Also include them at breakfast.

I also recommend the Evolution Advance Fit&Slim protein that will make you feel full, avoiding cravings and will help you maintain muscle mass.

Exercise adapted to your age : you can start by walking at a brisk pace. But if you want to go further, a personal trainer could help you design a workout that's just right for you. Pick an activity you enjoy to keep yourself motivated.

Turn down the heat – As surprising as it may seem, cold temperatures help burn fat, even when you sleep. This happens because your body has to work harder to keep you warm. Therefore, a temperature of 19 degrees is recommended.

Drink enough water : not only because it helps eliminate toxins through urine and prevents inflammation. A glass of water before each meal will also reduce your appetite.

If the water is cold, better, since your body will use extra energy to heat it and it will use up more calories.

Check your health : rule out any metabolic disorder, fatty liver, diabetes or thyroid problems with a doctor. These diseases cause metabolic activity to decrease and even increase your weight, even if you are on a diet.

Step by step : mentalize yourself to lose half a kilo per week, since losing weight at a normal rate is more beneficial and sustainable over time. And avoid crash diets that can cause you to rebound or yo-yo, leaving you without energy.

Cheer up, if you can!

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