How to resume the diet in a short time

Cómo retomar la dieta en poco tiempo

When we are doing well with our healthy eating, it seems that life gets in the way of us continuing with this habit. The invitations to eat with friends begin, the holidays are just around the corner and, with all these activities, resuming the diet becomes a challenge.

It is no secret to anyone that “giving ourselves one and the other allowed” is derailing us from the healthy path and, when it comes to returning to reality, giving up and abandoning our diet is very easy.

But that doesn't have to be the case. I invite you to continue reading this article and find the simplest ways to return to your diet in a short time.

Maybe you have been through this situation

Your healthy routine was going perfect…

Every night you prepared the next day's meals, so you could always eat healthy and be able to lighten the time afterwards.

You got up every morning, took some time to say thank you, took a shower, then woke up your children so they could get ready for school, ate a very rich breakfast with full protein with your whole family, left the house, took the children. children to school and you were going to train… The energy you had was incredible.

But, suddenly, one night your friends called you to invite you to lunch.

You went out normally, you ate a delicious hamburger and you had a few social drinks, until it crossed your mind: “It can't be, I went off the diet.” But you let it go because it's not about restrictions, but about knowing how to balance yourself.

The next day you woke up and remember that you didn't cook the night before, so you have to improvise something quick for breakfast, buy something unhealthy for lunch and skip dinner, because how guilty you feel.

And before you least realized it, getting back on the diet became quite a challenge.

Why is it difficult to stay on the diet?

Generally, people find it difficult to continue with a healthy diet because in the middle of the road they feel alone in the face of so much effort, they fall into temptations or their routines get out of control.

For example, when you ask someone why they follow the diet for two weeks and then no longer continue it the third week, most will answer because…:

Why is it difficult to stay on the diet?

The truth is that, nowadays, following a healthy diet is complicated because we are surrounded by processed and ultra-processed products that always make us sin, such as chocolate chip cookies, huge chocolate bars, brownies, ice cream. and many more.

Everything would be much easier if we were just like our primitives , who did not have any type of “food seduction” and only ate 100% natural and organic foods.

10 ways to get back on your diet easily

It is essential to eat a good diet, not only because it can help you lose weight and have more energy, but it can also improve your mood and of course reduce the risk of suffering from diseases.

Below, I leave you some tips so that you can resume your diet like a warrior.

1.- Lose the guilt

Lose the guilt

It has been proven that when people feel guilty for not being consistent with their healthy lifestyle, they end up telling themselves that they are not cut out for that, while they eat a bag of chips with a tub of ice cream.

Don't let the feeling of guilt get the better of you. We have all gone off our diet at some point, you are not the only one.
Remember, it's just a fall and you can't give up. Leave that setback behind, focus on resuming your diet and move forward as always.

2.- Set realistic expectations

Set realistic expectations

Eating a healthy diet is key to many goals, including weight loss.
If you set realistic goals that are in line with what you want to achieve, it could keep you motivated and make it easier to shed those extra pounds.

3.- Really think about why you want to resume the diet

An easy way to stay on the healthy train is to know why you are really on this healthy path.

You can make a list of reasons why you live a healthy lifestyle in the notes on your phone, and when you feel like you're about to give in to temptation, read them. It will help you stay focused.

Plus, you'll get to the point where you'll learn them by heart and stay on track with your diet.

4.- Keep processed foods out of the house

Keep processed foods out of the house

It is no secret to anyone that resuming your diet is extremely complicated if the kitchen cupboard is full of junk food, canned goods, high-calorie snacks, cookies, etc.

If you are the only one in your house who eats healthy, try to keep these temptations out of your sight and the next time you go to the supermarket choose healthy snacks, this way you will include your family in good eating habits as well.

If you fall into any calorie-filled temptation, don't beat yourself up. The idea is that you resume the habit, step by step, so that it doesn't weigh you down.

5.- Do exercises and change your diet at the same time

Exercise and change your diet at the same time

Research has shown that when changes in diet and physical activity are made at the same time, the results tend to reinforce each other.

A study of 200 people showed that those who started with a healthy diet and exercise found it easier to do both activities at the same time.

Meanwhile, it turned out to be more difficult for those who started with diet first and then incorporated exercises.

Doing both activities at the same time can be a big boost in your healthy lifestyle, because as you put them into practice you will feel better and you won't want to go back.

6.- To resume your diet, practice conscious eating

To resume your diet, practice conscious eating

Take time to enjoy your food, chew slowly and focus on what you put in your mouth. Eating mindfully can help you get back on track and reduce cravings.

A 6-week study in women who binge-eated regularly found that episodes decreased from 4 to 1.5 per week when the women practiced mindful eating. Additionally, the “severity” of each snack decreased.

7.- Keep track of your diet

Logging the foods you eat during the week and day can help you stay more focused and motivated on a healthy diet.

At Evolution Advance Nutrition we have our Food Log Diary ; Download it for FREE , always carry it with you and leave a record of your diet.

8.- Get a partner to resume the diet

Get a partner to get back on the diet

Sticking with healthy eating and exercising alone can be daunting.

That is why it is advisable to have a partner who is always with you in all healthy habits, if it can be your partner or your best friend, much better, because there will be more trust and commitment.

9.- Realize that it takes time to get back on the diet.

Realize that it takes time to get back on the diet.

Don't be discouraged if you find it difficult to restart your healthy eating, researchers found that it takes 66 days to turn a new behavior into a habit.

Do your best to stay motivated and focus on getting back on your diet.

10.- Discover what works for you

Find the methods with which you feel good and, above all, apply strategies that help you maintain your healthy lifestyle over time.

Not everything that works for others means that it will work for you.

In fact, some of these 10 ways to get back on track may not work for you, because we all have different ways of following habits. The important thing is that you don't give up and stay firm in your healthy goals.

Are you going to go back to your diet?: Tips for eating healthy

For many, it can be overwhelming to make big changes; Therefore, it is always better to focus on starting from the smallest.

If you are going to resume the diet, these recommendations could help you:

  • Eat eggs, especially for breakfast: they are rich in high-quality protein and have many essential nutrients; especially one that people don't get enough of, like choline . In addition, it has been proven that eating them in the morning generates greater satiety.
  • Increase protein intake: eating a good source of protein can help you feel full for longer, contributes to your appetite (since it controls it) and helps you take care of your muscle mass.
  • Bake or roast instead of frying: The way you cook your food is very important. Avoid frying since the oil, when it comes into contact with the food, causes the formation of toxic substances that affect health.
  • Try at least one new recipe a week – Trying something different can be a fun way to add more variety to your diet. By doing this you can change your nutrient intake and if you like it, you will have new options for your menu.
  • Eat your greens first: A good way to make sure you eat all your vegetables and greens is to enjoy them as a starter. Also, a plus point of this is that you will be more satisfied when it comes to eating the rest of your food.
  • Try to cook and eat at home most of the time: creating this habit, instead of going out to eat every night, will not only benefit your pocketbook, but also your health, because then you will know exactly what each dish contains and the quantities.
  • Stay away from “diet” foods: instead opt for whole, organic foods. Most of these products add other chemicals that affect health to make them “low in fat or calories.”
  • Serve yourself on smaller plates: Eating on a large plate can be misleading as it makes your portion appear smaller, while eating on a small plate will make your portions appear larger and soon make you feel fuller.

With discipline, perseverance and the help of certain strategies, resuming your diet is possible.

Remember that everything is a process, if you deviate from the path don't feel bad; Stop, look at all the progress you've made, and keep going with your healthy eating.

To make your process easier, we leave you a weekly menu guide that will give you inspiration when cooking.

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